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Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Scavenger Hunt!

Bev @My Readers Block has changed up her annual mystery reading challenge and I'm excited about the format for 2016! The Bingo format didn't suit me well as I don't care for the more structured reading that called for. But this one will let me read what I feel like picking up at the moment as I'm sure something from the list will be on pretty much any cover. This will get me back to reading more of the vintage mysteries that fill my shelves, as I've gotten away from them the last couple of years.

We have a list of 75 things to look for on the covers of the vintage mysteries we read next year. You can sign up for Golden Age or Silver Age or both. Golden Age is books published before 1960 and Silver Age is written between 1960-1989. There are a few little rules like, only one cover per item and if a cover has more than one item on it you can only use one item. So you might want to stop by Bev's and check out all the details. Did I mention there are prizes involved?

I'm signing up for Golden Age. Here's the list (it's the same list for Silver Age as well)...

I think you should join me in My Readers Block's Scavenger Hunt!


  1. Welcome, Peggy Ann! Glad to hear you like the new format. I'd been thinking about it for a little while and wasn't sure what folks would think.

  2. I didn't fancy the bingo aspect of the last one either but I may well join in this time around too.


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