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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Murder of Quality and Moving Update

Book summary:
George Smiley is called by a wartime colleague, Miss Brimley, who now edits a small Christian magazine and in this position has received a letter sent by Stella Rode, a reader who claims her husband is plotting to kill her. Terence Fielding, the brother of a classics professor who was one of Smiley's close wartime associates in intelligence services, is a house master at Carne, the public school where the woman's husband teaches. Smiley finds out that the woman has already been murdered and decides to go investigate.

The town of Carne was the youthful home of Smiley's estranged wife Ann, and Smiley is both the subject of snide gossip and witness to a rural "town and gown" gap that doubles with a religious divide: Church of England vs Nonconformists. The town police focus on a homeless madwoman as the murderer, but both Smiley and the investigating officer believe her to be innocent. Smiley discovers the hiding place of the murderer's blood-stained clothes, while the police find a second murder victim, a boy in Fielding's house. The clues, and a confession about the secret, delusional vindictiveness of the murdered woman from her husband, lead Smiley to the real murderer.

I listened to the audio of this book on the recent trip to TN. I've never gone in for spy and espionage so I've never picked up a le Carré novel before, although I am familiar with them from the movies made of them. This one caught my eye while scrolling the library's audio books for the trip as it said a murder mystery featuring George Smiley. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think I might pick up one of the spy novels now and give it a go. I liked George Smiley.

I see this book was also made in to a movie in 1991. Hope someday I can get a chance to watch it.

I started a second book on the trip home, a Feathering Mystery by Simon Brett but kept falling asleep, so I gave up after chapter 2. 

Moving update: 
We got the living room walls cleaned and prepped for painting and the knotty pine walls cleaned in the den this last trip down for the weekend. The ceilings are painted in both of those rooms now too. Gave the fridge a good cleaning and got it running. The house has sat empty for over a year and they left the fridge doors closed :( but it cleaned up like new. We also purchased a new washer and dryer and had that delivered. 

The bathroom is cleaned and ready to move stuff in now too. The shower in the bathroom is going to need a minor repair though. No one had used it in years, they always showered down in the basement. So Bossman had me go first to see how it worked. Water sprayed every direction but down on me when I got it on. The knob was very tight and hard to get turned on to begin with! Water even sprayed backwards out from where the shower head was screwed on. Bossman was yelling turn it off, turn it off and I was yelling I can't it won't turn! I felt like I was in a Laurel and Hardy movie! It's the original hardware from 1961 and he's hoping he doesn't run into trouble finding parts to fit the small pipe coming out of the wall. I'm sure it will be fine.

We were hesitant to use the one in the basement as there is no drain in this basement floor. Just a sump pump that we have been assured will remove all the water. The washer drains that way too! The neighbor told us his basement is the same way, it is common there. Bossman wasn't too happy about that. But they lived there like that for 54 years and the basement is really nice with no mold or water damage so it's just getting use to a different way of doing things I guess.

Going back down the first of December to paint the living room and hallway and see about the kitchen. What to do about the kitchen! Yuk! 

Met the neighbors this trip and they seem like they will be wonderful neighbors. Julie said she was hoping for someone to go running with and have coffee with and play scrabble with!! We are going to get along great! 

Peggy Ann

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  1. I haven't read this book yet but I do have it, and look forward to reading it.

    Moving to a new house and area sounds like fun. (And hard work.)


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