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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The 1924 Club

I first heard about this fun challenge over @ heavenali. Hosted by Karen @ Kaggsy's Bookish Ramblings and Simon @ Stuck in a Book. It sparked my interest as I have a great 1924 read that will also count toward Read Scotland 2015 and I need to read all Scottish writers between now and the end of the year, I think, to make the challenge!

Just pick a book written in 1924, get reading, and post your review or reviews between October 19-31. Karen and Simon will have a post where we can link our reviews beginning the 19th. Stop over at one of their sights and check it out!

I have a wonderful old fifth edition copy of Pink Sugar printed in September 1924.

What do you have from 1924 on your shelves?

List to choose from:
Sci-fi written in 1924
Books written in 1924

Peggy Ann


  1. I'm going to do this one too. Unfortunately I've already read Pink Sugar. I've been meaning to read something by Thomas Mann for ages though so I think I'll read The Magic Mountain.

  2. I should go around the house, and see what was published in 1924. I hope to do this, but haven't even finished my Diversity book yet.

    1. Nan, take a break and read a quick 1924 book and then go back to Diversity!

  3. Whew! I searched for 1924 in my Books Spreadsheet (all the books I own, or at least, have catalogued; long way to go yet). Out of 1134 books, only 3 are from 1924. Poirot Investigates, The Man inthe Brown Suit (both Christie) and Winifred Holtby's The Crowded Street.

    1. Only 3 from that many books! I think I have The Crowded Street buried somewhere on my shelf too, Susan. But I need to read Scottish until I hit my 25 mark for the year!

  4. Thanks for spreading the word! And what a lovely copy of Pink Sugar that is.


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