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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Packing, Closing and a 24 Inseam

Had a dreary rainy Wednesday here. The remnants of Patricia moving through. Perfect day for packing. I got quite a few boxes packed. Most of it from the spare bedroom closet and bookshelf. Also the cupboard of games packed.

Closing on the house is Friday at 4pm. We want to take a van load of stuff down with us. We'll spend Friday and Saturday nights in our new house! Its an 8 hr. drive down. Probably drive through the night. Bossman's drivers license here expires in November so he is going to just go get a Tennessee one Friday. We have to go to the water company and have the water put in our name too. Couldn't do it online or over the phone. The earlier we get there the better.

I'm hoping to get the walls washed so we will be ready to paint and get the kitchen cupboards cleaned out and ready to put stuff away. I'd like to get the boxes unpacked and put away in the closet but I should wait for the painting to be done.

On the selling front, there is a family that wants our house (a manufactured home) and is trying to get a loan. I'm really rooting for her as she is a young mom wanting to get out of an unhealthy relationship and get closer to her parents and family. They would suit this house very well. I showed it 3 timesTuesday though as she didn't put down a deposit. Someone was suppose to come last night but didn't show up. Praying it sells by the end of November!

Just found out my son and his family in Maryland are coming home for Thanksgiving! The grandkids want to see their friends here one last time and say goodbye. The house will be a mess, I'm sure, but I don't think they'll mind! We'll be having a little get together for Bossman's 60th birthday and retirement that weekend too. His sisters are doing it as I'll be busy with the moving.

Bossman's union at work has been working without a contract for the last 2 years and we had a bit of a scare the other day. We thought the company was going to enact a Lock Out! Thank heavens they didn't, but they did enact their offer the union rejected 2 years ago. This happened once before. So it looks like we won't have medical coverage through his work as a retiree. We were going to get it for very cheap, but that's out the window now. No coverage for retirees anymore. All of this has to be ratified or some such thing so no telling what will transpire. Hope springs eternal that maybe he will be grandfathered in or something.

Most of you know I have a handicapped brother. Donald is blind and has other physical issues that keep him from living on his own. It's still undecided if I will move him down to Tennessee with us or not. He lives in a wonderful personal care home here and I am hesitant to move him. It will be harder to keep tabs on him but I will be back and forth as we still have lots of family and friends here. We will see how it goes after I get settled and have a chance to scope out the lay of the land for him there. I've been busy trying to get things done for him before I go though. Ear doctor to get his ears cleaned out, (he has really hairy inner ears and we have to do this once a year!), Dentist next week for a bad tooth. I'm thinking he might need dentures, yikes! And today I hemmed a couple of pairs of corduroy pants for him. He loves corduroy. Donald has THE shortest inseam!! 24 inches! I feel like I'm cutting half the pants off.

And thats the news from Peggy's Post!


  1. You'll get it all worked out. Best wishes on selling your house. It sounds like there's a lot of interest in it. That's a good sign. Have a safe trip!

  2. Yes, safe trip Peggy, I'm sure that this is going to be a great move for you. It'll be an exciting new phase of your life!

    1. Thanks, Katrina. We did end up not going after all though. A relief to me!

  3. Good luck with the move Peggy. Tennessee is beautiful, but I would miss Maine too much:)

    1. Diane, I wish we were moving there but its just a much more expensive place to live and this way we will be able to afford so much more. Like a summer in Maine with the camper!


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