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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cold in the Earth by Aline Templeton

Death is in the air. Death is on the ground. Death is everywhere for the people of Galloway. As a catastrophic virus devastates the Scottish countryside, killing cattle and destroying lives, Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming finds herself at the stormy heart of a troubled, trapped community. Pyres are built, infected animals are burnt, and farmland is dug up as burial ground. But the all-pervasive stench of death develops a horrifying, unfamiliar edge when human remains are dug up near the small market town of Kirkluce. Thousands of miles away in New York City, a woman called Laura resolves to unearth the dark secrets of her past. Determined to discover the truth behind her older sister's disappearance fifteen years ago, her journey takes her back to Galloway, to a world of suspicion, fear and menace. A dead body, a missing girl, and a mysterious family's dangerous obsession with bull running provide a sinister backdrop to DI Fleming's first murder investigation. And as the cold shadow of death looms ever larger over this quiet corner of rural Britain, one thing becomes clear: it won't be her last.

I really enjoyed this book. Marjory Fleming is a good detective who is always having to balance her job with her home life and family. And always questioning herself if she is doing as good a job at this type of job as a man would do. Her father is a retired detective and doesn't think its a job for a women. 

We get a peek into what a tragedy an epidemic of Hoof and Mouth disease is in this installment. The economical strain and the personal strain it puts on the farming industry.

Snowbound characters in the Scottish countryside just made it that much sweeter!

There are 8 books in this series and I'm looking forward to reading them all.

This puts me up to 18 for Read Scotland 2015. How are you doing, if your doing the challenge?

Peggy Ann

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  1. This sounds good Peggy, I do love police procedurals and the Scottish setting is great too.


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