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Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Kind of Grief by A.D. Scott

Available October 6
'When Alice Ramsay, artist and alleged witch, is found dead in her home in a remote Scottish glen, the verdict is suicide. But Joanne Ross of the Highland Gazette refuses to believe it. As she investigates Alice’s past, Joanne uncovers layer upon layer of intrigue. With the appearance of officials from a secretive government agency and an ambitious art critic from a national newspaper, Joanne is increasingly convinced that something—and someone—from Alice’s past was involved in her death.
As in her previous mysteries North Sea Requiem, Beneath the Abbey Wall, and A Double Death on the Black Isle, among others, A. D. Scott brings to life compelling characters and vividly portrays the charms and intrigues of a small town in 1950s Scotland. With surprising twists and a shocking dénouement that poses moral questions as relevant now as six decades ago, A Kind of Grief is another unforgettable entry in an atmospheric series that will draw you in and linger in your mind like mist over the Scottish glens.'

The sixth book in The Highland Gazette Series, one of my favorite series! I'm never disappointed with Ms. Scott's books. She draws you in from the first pages and I devour each book. Her sense of place is fantastic. I'm always transported to 1950's Scotland as I read. Her characters are vibrant and well developed. I think about them between books and look forward to visiting them again in the next book!

In this installment Joanne is 6 months out from a horrific experience in a previous book. She almost died. You really need to read these in order to get the most out of them. She is 'retired' from the Gazette, now married to McAllister, focusing on her home and family and writing. Having short stories published in magazines, she wants to write a novel. She comes across a headline in a newspaper about a recent 'witch trial' up north in the Highlands, where the last witch in Scotland was burned ages ago. Thinking this would be a great subject for her novel and wanting to prove to her editor husband that she is fully recovered and doesn't need to be 'watched over' or protected anymore, she decides to head up and investigate.

There's an instant connection between Joanne and Alice Ramsey, the so called witch. When Alice is found dead from a supposed suicide Joanne uses her investigative skills learned as a reporter at the Gazette to find out what really happened to Alice. Is she putting herself in harms way? Will the staff at the Gazette be able to help her find the truth and protect her?

Spies, forgery, witches, intricate plot and relationships to unwind. You'll have to read it yourself to find out!

You can pick a place to purchase this book from a long list of retailers here on the publishers site. For the UK go to Amazon or Book Depository

Peggy Ann


  1. I really must catch up with this series, I can't believe there are six of them already!


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