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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Book Rack

Look what I found in Kingsport TN.! Thousands of paperbacks. I was in heaven! They have a large mystery section too. Lots of great 'old' authors.
These are just the Mignon G. Eberhart books. There were just about as many W. J. Burley books too and I hardly come across them in my rummaging! Many Patricia Wentworth, Nicholas Blake, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Rex Stout, so many good ones.
I had to use restraint. I only bought 11.
I was so thrilled to find this store as they all seem to be closing. BUT on their door was a notice: 'trying to stay open so we are now closed on Sunday and Monday'. Oh no they can't close now, I just found them! I told the gal I was moving nearby and I'd do all I could to keep them open! Guess I better get a part time job :>) There is another one in Johnson City just up the road. I guess it's a franchise of independent booksellers. Maybe you have one near you! Check it out.
Stay tuned for another bookstore find! Think I'm going to love living here!
On another note almost ran over these turtles this morning! Not quite sure what's going on here! Their very pretty.

Peggy Ann


  1. I don't want to speculate on what those turtles are doing either! Thanks for the info on The Book Rack. There's one in Lancaster, PA, where I was born and which is only a little over an hour away, on the way to my sister's house.
    Also, congratulations on the house! It looks very nice and I love those mountain views. I'm sure you'll be very happy there. No fireplaces in our Philadelphia row house, the first house we've owned that didn't have one. We miss our fireplaces! Lucky you! Best wishes in your new home!

    1. Thank you, Joan. It will be a couple months before we get to move. Have to sell this one first and of course Dave's last day of work isn't until Nov. 30th

  2. Isn't it lovely to find a new bookstore? Especially one that has a lot of books that you want to read. Good luck with your new home!

  3. Those 11 look like a great haul. It sounds like you'll be moving to a more interesting neighbourhood, book wise anyway. Are those lovely turtles wandering about wild?

    1. I am excited about the area, Katrina. I think there will be lots to do. Lots of flea markets there too and festivals. Yes those turtle were just wandering around wild!

  4. I really like Nicholas Blake. His THE BEAST MUST DIE is one of my favorites.


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