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Friday, August 14, 2015

High Rock

I'm at my son's house in Maryland this week. His mother-in-law and I brought the kids bikes and a few other things that wouldn't fit in the car when they went home from their summer stay with me.
They live in a gorgeous valley right on the Maryland-Pennsylvania line and the Appalachian Trail crosses the mountain that their house sits at the foot of and spills right out almost at their doorstep. At the top of the mountain there is a place called High Rock and you can see absolutely the entire valley surrounded by mountains. We took a ride up the other night to watch the sun set and I just have to share these views with you!
It's a shame people over the years have written graffiti all over the rocks. Paul said young people party up there at night. The police go by regularly and move people along but it's a losing battle. People have fallen to their deaths there too. The rocks are very slippery because of the paint from the graffiti.

There is also a lake at the top of the mountain that was used for ice harvesting until the mid- twenties. They used it for shipping meat, dairy and produce. The land was later used as a National Guard training camp and then an intelligence training center during WWII. Now it is a park. It's for sale though and I have a feeling it may be luxurious condos one day soon!
We took blankets out late last night and laid in the yard and watched the meteor shower! Very cool! But I didn't get any pics of that. Went to bed vary late and then the kids and I couldn't stop giggling in bed and mom had to yell at us to go to sleep. Fun times!

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  1. Sad to think of condos going in there. Beautiful view from the top. Do the hikers ever come to their door? So love to think of you giggling with the kids and being scolded by their mum. Wonderful!


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