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Monday, July 6, 2015

Peebles and Evee!

Evee, me and Katrina
We took a day trip down to Peebles so I could meet Evee from Evee's Blog.  I've chatted on Facebook with her and Skyped once and emailed lots, but it was so great to finally see the real thing!It was so cool that 3 women who love to blog and comment on each others blogs from different parts of the world got to get together in person and become fast forever friends! I love blogging!

Peebles is in Tweeddale, south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders region and on the River Tweed. Don't you love that rivers name? I do! There is a gorgeous bridge over the River Tweed that is from the 15th century and cars still drive over it everyday. We did! They know how to build bridges over there, maybe we should have them come over here and give us a few pointers!

Peebles is a royal burgh, meaning it was founded by or granted a royal charter. Their coat of arms that you can see in the picture above on the plaque is three Salmon with one swimming against the flow. The motto is 'There is growth by swimming against the stream'
referring to the annual migration of salmon up the River Tweed in order to breed. The one salmon facing forwards and two facing backwards represent the fact that for every salmon that goes up the river, two come back to the sea. Checkout the lovely light poles on the bridge!

Author's John Buchan and his sister Anna (O. Douglas) lived there and part of their house still stands today. Part of it was taken down to make way for a curve in the road, but the original red front door was kept and is now on the side of the remaining part of the house along with a plaque commemorating them.

This is a picture of the original house that Evee sent me. You can see a large portion of the house was removed to widen the road. The section on the left to the other side of the tower was removed.

I loved seeing this and walking around the same town as O. Douglas did all those years ago. I think I have all of her books now, thanks to Katrina!

There is a center dedicated to John Buchan who was the more famous of the brother-sister duo. It had a function of some kind going on though while we were there and we couldn't go in.

There is a ruin of an old kirk there, Cross Kirk c. 1260. We roamed around that a while...

Not sure what this figure in the stones is all about but it's quite lovely!

 There is a lovely WWII memorial in town also..

Peebles is just a lovely quaint town with a nice High Street for shopping, but don't neglect to roam the side streets too or you'll miss some lovely sights!

view from the bridge. Always something going on at the green.

This is terrible pic of Neidpath Castle down the Tweed.
It is no longer open to the public except by arrangement. Too bad. It sits along the Tweed Walk. I would have loved to have seen it.
Thanks to Evee for a grand tour of her lovely town!

Peggy Ann


  1. I am so delighted that you're sharing your trip with us. That's a terrific photo of 'the three lady bloggers'! Peebles looks like a lovely town.

    1. It is Joan, and they seem to have all kinds of community functions so it must be a fun town to live in as well.

  2. Peebles is a lovely town and that War Memorial is very unusual in appearance with its mosaics. The main bit (under the dome) commemorates the First World War. The plaques on the walls outside to left and right are for World War II, plus there is another smaller one for Afghanistan.

  3. I'm so glad that you enjoyed our day out in Peebles. Maybe next time we'll be able to get into the Buchan Centre. Evee is lucky to be living in such a lovely wee town.


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