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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Day She Died by Catriona MacPherson

That was the day I met Gus, the day I grew a family as if from magic beans, the day she died. That's the point, see? It was the very same day...

Jessie Constable has learned the hard way to always keep herself safe. But meeting Gus King changes everything. Before she knows it, Jessie is sleeping at Gus's house, babysitting his kids, becoming a part of his family. And yet, she can't ignore the unsettling questions. Who does she keep seeing from the corner of her eye? Why are strange men threatening her? Most importantly, what really happened to Gus's wife?

Creating a brilliant, foreboding mystery where nothing is as it seems, master storyteller Catriona McPherson weaves an ominous tale that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Praise: "McPherson's second stand-alone is a tour de force, a creepy psychological thriller that will leave you breathless."--Kikus Reviews (starred review)

"Keep the lights on and batten down the hatches, for McPherson's psychologically terrifying stand-alone demands to be read all night."--LIBRARY JOURNAL

"[A] deliciously disturbing tale of deception and self-deception...McPherson is a persuasive and immersive writer at the crest of her powers." --ALEX MARWOOD, EDGAR AWARD-WINNNIG AUTHOR OF WICKED GIRLS

I have to agree with these reviews! This book is delicious, creepy, terrifying and disturbing! Jessie is a wonderful protagonist and narrator. She has a fear of feathers that plays into the tale with grand creepiness! Gus is a real perplexing character. Never quite sure exactly what's going on with him and he keeps Jessie so off balance with his mixed messages. But he's such a wonderful dad! 

Not a Dandy Gilver story by any means. This book is one that gets better days after you read it and keep thinking about it. Well done! 

Peggy Ann 


  1. I've enjoyed her Dandy Gilver series, and I'm really looking forward to this one, sounds a cracker.

    1. It was good. I want to read her other stand alone mystery now.

  2. This sounds very interesting although I will admit I don't usually go for "creepy, terrifying and disturbing".


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