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Monday, June 22, 2015

My Little Flower Garden

We don't have much good area to put in flower beds here. Our ground is low and water lays terrible when it rains. More like runs like a river sometimes! This was the last week's worth of rain.

I had just put in a new bed beside the house between the house and the garage too. The water really races through there and I kept having to go gather up the new mulch off the driveway when the rain stopped. The flowers seem to have survived the deluge though, thank heaven!

Speedwell. I love this one! It's a perennial
Foxglove, Speedwell, Melampodium, Salvia, Portulaca
My reading fairy in the front bed
    Front bed with Coral Bells, Veronica, Arctic Poppies, Catmint, Chives, Thyme and some kind of black eyed susan vine. I can't for the life of me remember the one tall green plant.  

This is a Hens and Chicken my neighbor Jackie gave me. It has tiny web like things on the tops of most of the hens. Really different

Rhododendrons to the right of the porch are doing well. There is another one beside the flag. Lobelia borders the front.

 This is Woodruff I found in the herb section. I planted one wee plant a couple years ago on the side of the house where the pines don't let any sun in and look how it exploded! Had one pine cut down this spring. It is covered with wee tiny flowers in early spring.  Hope it doesn't hurt the Woodruff getting sun now!

This is another kind of Salvia, Victoria Blue, and a French Marigold called Disco Orange. I am going to plant them beside the garage door if the ground ever dries out enough to not be mud!

The back screened porch is getting a much needed update! The rain is making getting it done very difficult!

 One end that is completely finished. Shrubs will go in around it if we ever get it done!

So what's new at your house?

Peggy Ann


  1. I can't believe all of that water! Your porch looks great! We are just trying to maintain!

    1. We are trying to get the place in order to sell it soon, Patty

  2. Your garden is looking great, I love that speedwell too, I must try to get it here. I love the scalloped edging too and your porch is looking lovely, similar feel to our sun/garden room when you're in it I imagine.

    1. I am especially thrilled with the Speedwell, Katrina. The Foxglove is lovely too but the flower stocks are beginning to bend on me.

  3. Replies
    1. I am amazed at how well they are doing Diane. On the other hand the vegetables the neighbor planted in the tomato bed beside my garage are turning all yellow.

  4. You have some very nice flowers. I love the veronicas and speedwells and salvias. When we lived in Marshfield (the name is a hint) and the small river ran behind our house, the end of the yard was sometimes under a bit of water, like your yard. I finally decided that I had what the British call a 'water-meadow'. That made it easier to live with. You have a water-meadow, too!

    1. Joan, I love it! I have a water meadow! Thanks for the positivity!


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