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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fliskmillan Farm

 As you know I am always going on about author James Oswald's sheep and watching his lamcam during lambing season. James is one of my very favorite people!  Why? Because he's a good old soul, I have a radar for these things! And he writes a pretty good book :) He very graciously invited me to stop by the farm while I was in Scotland and see the lambing shed that I watch on lamcam and meet the stars of the show. Not only the sheep, but he took us up on the hill to meet the Heilin' Coo also! Thrilling day.

 This little lamb was a surprise triplet and was so crowded in the womb one of it's front legs was all bent up. She couldn't walk or put it down. They did therapy on it and she's walking and doing great. You can see the joint is a little bumpy but she's doing well.
Got anything to eat on you?

That's more like it!   I got to feed her too!
 These pics are in the lambing shed. So cool
to see it in person! Only 2 ewe's were still waiting to lamb. The others in there were with their babies that have to be fed as mom has no milk or mom died. All are referred to as orphans.

Proof I was there!

Aren't they beautiful?

View from the hill at the farm

Jack and Katrina my lovely tour guides and best friends family

Before I left James made sure I went with copies of his books I couldn't get in the US. Penquin Books in the US picked up the first 3 in the Inspector McLean series but not the rest! We American's should bombard Penquin with requests for the rest of the series!  And the Sir Benfro series isn't published here either. My kids and grandkids read fantasy so these will be a special treat for them!

James and his partner, Barbara, have started a yarn business with the wool from the lambs. Fliskmillan Fibres. You can purchase wool from their lambs at The Woolly Brew in Pittenweem. If your ever in Scotland be sure to stop by there and buy some! They do mail order too, not sure if they ship to the US though.

I purchased wool direct from James and Barbara before they started selling through The Woolly Brew. He mailed it to Katrina in Scotland and she knitted me a little scarf! There is quite a bit left for me to do something with (as soon as I learn to knit!). She is determined that I will. I practiced while at her house, let's just say I don't have a natural talent for it! I will persevere though! I'm tenacious if nothing else. The library has knitting classes, I will look into that soon.

A wonderful memory of my trip to Scotland. Thank you again James for taking the time to show this crazy fan around the farm and meet you in the flesh! As soon as I learn to knit I'll be buying more of your wool!

Peggy Ann


  1. Oh how lucky you are, Peggy Ann. I visited Scotland many MANY years ago, before James probably had his farm or maybe was even born. Ha. It still remains one of my favorite places in the world. Loved reading about the lambs and the beautiful sheep. Those gorgeous woolly cattle too. Thanks for this post.

    1. Thank you, Yvette! I love those sheep and cattle!

  2. I love the new look! That was a great time we had with James and you have some lovely photos to remind us. I knew we should have gone to Pittenweem while you were here, I'll go along there soon for a look. I have every faith that you'll be able to knit, I think I was pushing you on too fast, concentrate on the plain knitting and forget purl until you feel comfy with knitting.

    1. Yea, we didn't get to the little fishing villages but another time!

  3. Great photos, Peggy! Those sheep, lambs, and cattle are crazy beautiful.

  4. How lucky you were to see the lambs, especially that adorable triplet. I'm so glad I gave up
    eating meat years ago or I would feel so guilty right about now.

    Great you got all of those books and have them for your grandchildren.

    Thanks for sharing these photographs and experiences.

  5. Hi Peggy. It's Shannon from the "Read Scotland 2016" Goodreads group. What a wonderful trip you had! I am tremendously green with envy. ;-) I also got the feeling, from his Facebook page, that James was a kind soul. I am so happy for his success. Your prodding at Penguin must have paid off because I see that Amazon has all but one in the series available. Well done! Your pictures paint a wonderful trip and I am sure you are already planning your next trip back. With such great friends, why wouldn't you be? Have you had any luck with the knitting? I too am not the most coordinated with knitting needles so I took up loom knitting. It isn't as arduous as it sounds. The looms are usually small and easy to handle and widely available now. I truly believe it is easier than needle knitting but with the same great results. I usually only knit and purl but with just those two stitches you can make just about anything. I am working on a knitted throw at the moment. Good luck in your knitting adventures. I am really enjoying your blog. It is so nice to meet a kindred spirit. ~Shannon


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