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Monday, June 29, 2015

Fields of Gold

Because corn will not grow in the Scottish climate they grow rapeseed and use the oil extracted from its seed. As you drive around Scotland the landscape is dotted with gorgeous fields of bright yellow Rape. Gorgeous! Katrina said on hot days as you pass a field the smell is overwhelming and a little sickening. We never had a day hot enough to experience this while I was there. But I so enjoyed the lovely spots of yellow everywhere as we drove all over!

It's definitely a taste you have to acquire. Totally different from corn oil.

here are some links to learn about Rapeseed Oil

What is Rapeseed?
Facts and Info
Scottish Rapeseed Oil
The Rise of Rapeseed Oil

Peggy Ann

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  1. We're having a heat wave, starting from tomorrow, the air will be heavy with the rapeseed scent. So many people are allergic to it though, no fun for them. On sunny days the brightness of the flowers can be eye searing!


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