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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Bridge, Famous Inn and a Stunning Bird

Finally a post about my trip to Scotland! I apologize, I haven't spent much time on the computer since I got home. People and a new flower bed demanded my attention. Things are slowing down now. For a week anyway and then the grandkids come for a month!

Right off the plane we stopped off in South Queensferry (Iain Banks grew up here) so I could get a good look at the Forth Bridge, an iconic railway bridge. Jack wanted to take me back for a stomp around and to get better up close photos, but we just ran out of time. Next time!

The Firth of Forth Bridge is a cantilever bridge and was commissioned in 1890. That's a lot of years and a lot of trains over its tracks! It really is a beautiful bridge and something to be proud of! If your interested in learning more about the bridge here and here give you interesting facts.

Right here at the bridge is also The Hawes Inn which Robert Louis Stevenson supposedly stayed at and wrote some of his book Kidnapped while there. It is indeed mentioned in the book! We did not eat there but next time its for sure!

In the water there was a lovely cormorant drying his wings. They have a 3.6 ft. wing span.

So many lovely birds in Scotland that I don't get to see here. More pics to come!

Peggy Ann


  1. I love that bridge! Every time I cross the road bridge I remember that my great great great grandfather whose journals are in the National Library of Scotland, never saw it. He died in 1874. You crossed the river at various points on sailing ships in his day! Steam power was just getting going! We tend to think the bridge has always been there! Was in Queensferry on Saturday for tea! Watched the trains crossing! Not the same without the puff of smoke from a steam train.

  2. Great photos, Peggy. The Forth Bridge is just amazing. Looking forward to more photos.

    1. The next post of pics is with you in mind, Tracy!

  3. Such an unusual bridge! Looking forward to more photos :)


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