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Sunday, May 17, 2015


I 'smuggled' in corn meal and grits to Scotland in my suitcase! I cooked Katrina and Jack an authentic 'hillbilly' dinner that I grew up on. Pinto beans and hoe cakes ( pancake type cornbread). The conversions from our cooking measurements to theirs took some researching but the cornbread turned out great. The meal was a hit! Kat in a said several times 'This is very nice', a high compliment in Scotland I am told and Jack are 3 bowls! 

We had grits one morning for breakfast and I think they liked them too.

It's been fun trying new foods. Katrina made me a traditional dish when I first got here called Rumbledethumps! Potatoes, cabbage, onions and cheddar cheese. We went out to a buffet and I got to try Yorkshire pudding. A pastry shell not pudding as we know it in the States. The other night we had Indian Curry which I've never had and it is very popular here. I loved it. If I get a chance I am going to make southern chicken and dumplin's for them too before I go.

Yesterday we did Edinburgh Castle and walked the royal mile and walked past the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace where the Queen stays when in town. I don't think I've ever walked as much as I have since getting here. I've put miles and miles on this old bod! Today we are going down to Peebles to meet up with Evee from Evee's blog and look for O Douglas' house! 

It's cold and windy here, so if your planning on coming over pack layers and don't worry about dressing up because you'll have your coat on anyway!

I'm reading a copy of Barbara Comyns 'Our Spoons Came From Woolworths' that Katrina got at the library. It's been on my wish list. Also reading Katrina's copy of The Matchmaker by Stella Gibbons. I love her! Hope I can get it done by the time I leave! 

Aren't the covers lovely? Better run! 

Peggy Ann


  1. I'm going to try Rumbledethumps. I've made that myself, not knowing it had an official name. I'm not sure about the curry. Is it hot? A former roommate's ex-husband (India-Indian) once cooked a curry dish for us and I had to eat lots of yogurt with it to make it palatable.

    1. They told me Curry can be quite hot, Audra but this one wasn't. There is different levels of heat with curry. You can get hot curry in the spice aisle too.

  2. And I'm sure they'll love the chicken and dumplings.

  3. That sounds like a dinner I would love. And you visited a castle. Another thing I would love to do.

  4. Covers are great. I would like the dinner you cooked and the Rumbledethumps, too. The latter goes well with both cultures in my family.

    1. What, cultures are in your family, Kathy? I'm guessing English and ?

  5. Meant to add that in my family we would have Yorkshire pudding at the holidays, so i know what it is and like it. My family who had Irish and a bit of English heritage insisted on that, roast beef, plum pudding and white sauce every year as well as mince pie. Liked it all.

  6. My father's family He had 3 grandparents from the Republic of Ireland, and one who was English, but I'm not sure if he was from England or Ireland. My father loved the traditions from his childhood, including the food, especially at the holidays. So that is the roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, plum pudding and white sauce menu. Also, corned beef and cabbage and Irish stew which my mother made. My father would also make eggs, bacon and kidneys for Sunday brunch. (I have not eaten a kidney since I left their house.)

    However, my mother's parents were Jewish who fled imperial Russia-occupied Poland in 1907. We ate a lot of food from their culture, too, all good: potato latkes (pancakes), and more.

    My mother cooked all of it except the Yorkshire pudding, plum pudding and white sauce which my father would purchase or kidneys, which my father cooked. But my mother was a trooper; she cooked nearly everything -- a Passover seder and then an Easter dinner. She was a trooper.

    So, we lucked out. We had all holidays and the gifts and meals that went with them.

    One food that was intrinsic to both cultures was potatoes. We had them all of the time -- potatoes of all types and cooked in all ways. My mother's favorite food was potatoes.


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