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Monday, May 4, 2015

Brady's Bend Mine Storage

Our travel trailer spent the winter in a limestone mine. We picked it up last week. Spooky in there! It's a huge maze and very dark in some areas. The guy told me there were over 600 miles of roads down there! Every time Boss-man got to lagging behind the guide truck I said don't lose him we'll never get out of here!

It's still an active limestone mine, dating back to the turn of the century. Original owner was Andrew Carnegie/US Steel. The storage rooms stay at a constant 55/62 degrees all year. You can check out all about the mine storage here.

Here's a couple pics I took going in to get it.


Someone posted a short video driving in on Youtube  I should have thought of doing that! 

You can see pics of our trailer in an earlier post. I think we need to name her, any suggestions?

Peggy Ann


  1. That sounds quite interesting, parking in a limestone mine. Never heard of it.

    How about naming your trailer "Tennessee"? Your ultimate destination and a good non-gender
    specific name. You could even pull a nickname out of this.

    1. Thanks, Kathy, Tennessee is a good suggestion! There's an old mushroom farm that is now underground storage too. It's closer to us and we will put the trailer there next year I think.

  2. Oh my, how weird is that? 600 miles... the mind boggles!

  3. Replies
    1. Protection from the elements during the winter, Patty.

  4. Out of the name "Tennessee," is also the word "ness," and that's appropriate since the Loch Ness is located in the Scottish highlands. But also, one could nickname the trailer "Nessie," after the famous Loch Ness mythical monster.

    1. Good idea Kathy! tenNESSEE and Nessie. She is duly named Nessee

  5. Great! Oh what hours we wordsmiths spend on figuring out word combinations; my eye just does it without me thinking.

    Glad you have a name and it has a double entendre with a Scottish mythical creatuve. And so glad you're having a great time with another book lover.


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