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Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Neck of the Woods

This is what it's doing in my neck of the woods today...

view out of my front window

I live in the red circle area in PA.
Winter storm Neptune. I'm glad we don't live on the coast of New England though, they are really getting it bad! And we thought about moving to Maine! The little town of Spencer, Massachusetts has gotten 93 inches of snow this winter! Unbelievable! Roofs are collapsing left and right from the weight of the snow. And the wind that goes with the massive snowfall just adds insult to injury! Houses on the coast are covered in thick ice from the ocean and the wind and cold! And lets not forget all the wicked multi, multi car pile ups on the roads from weather these last 2 months! Check out this one in Michigan involving 193 Vehicles one of which was a semi carrying fireworks! And this newscast about it.

We have a windchill advisory here this weekend. Tonight our expected low will be -3 and that's the air temp not the windchill! Brrr! The temps have been so low everyone is having trouble with car doors not latching shut as the mechanisms are frozen. Hubby had to drive home from work a couple times holding his driver door shut as it wouldn't latch. I just stay in! I'm ready for summer!

Here are some great shots of winter around the country.

What's it like in your neck of the woods?

Peggy Ann


  1. Wow, Peggy, that's a bit of snow you have there! Stay warm and safe.

  2. That's incredible! And those poor peopke with 93 inches of snow - I'm struggling to imagine so much. I know there have been problems across Europe recently. In northern Spain and France, some people got trapped in their cars, but right down here on the southern coast, it's pleasant and just a bit windy.
    Keep warm and safe Peggy :-)

  3. This is the first time since we moved to PA that Jack and I have said we're glad we're not in New England! We lived in Marshfield, MA, which has been hit hard this year, during the winter of 1995/96, when we had 108" of snow. We lived in New Hampshire in the blizzard of 1978, when the state of Massachusetts was closed for a week. I worked in Boston then and Jack was on the road. We just made it back to New Hampshire before they closed the roads. I didn't fancy sleeping in my office for a week! So when Philly gets excited about a foot of snow, we just look at each other and shake our heads!

    Stay warm and safe!

    1. If your retired and don't have to go out in it, Joan, it is beautiful. I love the idea of being tucked up safe and warm with the snow and wind howling. But reality bites! Roofs have to be cleaned off and all the shoveling and the heat bills!!!

  4. Oh, dear... that looks miserable! We certainly picked a good winter to escape. Stay safe and warm.

  5. Wow that looks very dramatic! and very cold! Take care and keep warm :)

  6. We don't have that much snow but it's freezing here!

  7. Here (Santa Barbara, CA) it is warmer than usual. Right now it says it is low 60's outside, high of 70 today, but it feels a lot warmer than that. We were outside weeding and had to stay out of the sun it was so warm.

  8. New York City has had its share of blizzard and freezing cold. Last Friday, it hit a record of 3 degrees. And it's cold again, but not that severe.

    My sister lives near Boston and she told me it's awful. People can't go to work, incomes are going down, roofs are caving in -- and, of course, poorer people are hit the worst.

    I am glad I'm snug in my apartment, rarely have gone out, just to satisfy an urgent chocolate
    craving or get an essential from the grocery store. Luckily, there are a few right near me.


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