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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mail Call

Look what came in the mail today!

'It's a marvellously atmospheric tale, and, I thought, caught exactly the mood and feeling of a small Scottish country town in the Victorian era. it seemed to be full of hills and mist and whispers and carryings-on behind the facade of so called respectable small town life.'   
             ~Diane Pearson (author of CSARDAS)

'Mary Tullis, the umbrella-maker's daughter,...has a touch of the 'Jane Eyres' about her...She (Janet Caird) has also woven a dark tale of country superstition and prejudice...into a satisfying story...well and thoroughly done...We need books like these.'

~Jean Stubbs (author of By Our Beginnings

I loved the two Caird books I read and want to read them all. I was so tickled to find a copy of this book online! Now do I read it as soon as I finish 'The Lewis Man' or do I hold off and savor the thought of reading it for awhile?!

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