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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Number Seventeen by Louis Tracy and Bout of Books Update

A mystery novel featuring Winter and Furneaux. Sparring police partners Winter and Furneaux are back at each others throats in this mystery-thriller, as they solve the murder of Edith Lester, occupant of room Number Seventeen.

Published in 1915  324 pages

I read this book for Past Offences' Crime Fiction of the Year, this month's year 1915.

Frank Theydon, author, stumbles into a murder mystery when his neighbor at #17 is brutally murdered and he might have seen the murderer. Conflict arrives when the next day he finds the man he is having a luncheon date with, millionaire James Forbes, is the very man he saw enter the apartment bldg. This man has a very beautiful daughter that Theydon is quite interested in and he hesitates to say anything. Now he's being followed by a gray car that is linked to the Chinese Embassy. The murder victim's husband died in China. How much should he tell the Scotland Yard detectives? Is Mr. Forbes guilty or is he in danger too? What will happen to Evelyn Forbes if her father is guilty? Is she in danger too?

Many twists and turns involving an American tourist, kidnapping, shots through the window, a conspiracy involving a Chinese political group, tiny carved ivory skulls, a motorbike chase and the two fun detectives from Scotland yard. Although this book could have probably been a little shorter and still told a grand story I did enjoy this. It was full of action, that left you a little breathless, and great characters. The big question though is, does Theydon get the girl in the end?

I picked up a digital copy on Manybooks.net. They have quite a few of Tracy's books there.  He also wrote under the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser.


This is the first book finished in the Bout of Books 12 this week too!

Good news! I won the Top Ten Recommendations Challenge from Tuesday! I won books from The Book Depository. I picked Peter May's The Lewis Man and Entry Island. Thanks to Sarah over @Trees of Reverie for the fun challenge.
Now I'm off to get started on book two. How many can I get read before the 11th!

Peggy Ann


  1. Thanks Peggy. 1915 is throwing up loads of new-to-me authors. Good luck with Bout of Books :-)

    1. Thank you, the challenge is fun and I read books I might otherwise not!

  2. Louis Tracy is a great author, although I haven't read half of what's available. Two of my favorites of his are The Stowaway Girl and One Wonderful Night: a Romance of New York. He knows how to keep a story moving!

    1. I saw The Stowaway Girl on Manybooks.net and the title intrigues me. I'll have to go back and get it, Audra!

  3. I read one of Tracy's books a long time ago and thought it pretty good for the kind of thriller that was being churned out in his era. He has a series detective named Inspector Furneaux.

    I thought this was also a Hitchcock movie but it turns out that movie is a based on a book with the same title by J Jefferson Farjeon. Coincidentally I just reviewed a book by Farjeon's father.


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