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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Miss Marple Died on Friday

Geraldine McEwan passed away Friday, January 30th. She was 82. She suffered a stroke in October and extensive periods in the hospital followed. Such a wonderful actress and will be dearly missed.

This notice in the Daily Mirror has a lot of wonderful pictures of her roles thru the years.

Most remembered for her role as Miss Marple, but my favorite role of hers was as the cantankerous spinster, Miss Farnaby in the BBC TV show Mulberry.

The programme starred Karl Howman as the mysterious Mulberry, a man who appears at the household of Miss Farnaby, and applies for a position as her manservant. Miss Farnaby's other staff, Bert and Alice Finch, are immediately suspicious, as the position for which Mulberry applies had not yet been advertised.

Their suspicions are well placed. Mulberry is not all he seems; in fact, he is an apprentice Grim Reaper who has been dispatched to the house to escort Miss Farnaby to the next world. Surprisingly for a Grim Reaper, Mulberry has a sentimental, even comical side, with a love of life and laughter that moves him to dedicate himself to ensuring that the sullen Miss Farnaby's last days on Earth are happy, using his role as servant to put his plans into motion.
Mulberry's sensitivity and interest in Miss Farnaby's well-being do not sit well with Mulberry's father, a fully fledged Grim Reaper with no interest in human emotions. He appears in most episodes as a mysterious figure (billed as "The Stranger") in a black hat and dark clothes, urging Mulberry to get on with the job. In one episode, we learn the source of Mulberry's love of life: his mother is actually Springtime.

There was only 2 seasons of the show. I found it available on Youtube!
Watch the first episode...

Go to Youtube to watch the whole series!

Rest in Peace Ms. McEwan.

Peggy Ann

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  1. So sad, I really loved her as Lucia in Mapp and Lucia and of course - Miss Jean Brodie. I've never seen or even heard of Mulberry, thanks, I'll begin to watch it later.


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