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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bout of Books Challenge 2 Top Ten Book Reccommendations

Sarah @Trees of Reverie is sponsoring today's challenge. I probably won't participate in all of the challenges this week but this one sounds nice.

Since all we book lovers would probably love to work in a bookstore or library anyway the challenge is...

You've just started to work at a bookstore (or library) - what are your top ten go-to book recommendations?

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery
There is no other character like Anne! I adore her relationship with Matthew, all the antics she gets into and the beautiful setting of Prince Edward Island in a day long gone by. No matter how many times I watch the beautiful PBS series I still cry when Matthew dies.

Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon
One of the best vintage mysteries I read last year . Snowbound on a train in the English countryside on Christmas Eve.  A murder on the train, setting off for help and ending up snowbound in a lovely country manor with a warm fire, tea laid and no one home. Enchanting!

The Weir by Ruth Moore
Wonderful writing. Strong characters. Beautiful descriptions of the fishing life on the Maine coast in the 1940's. Loved the relationships and the struggles and joys these families experienced.  Will read everything I can get my hands on by Ruth Moore!

The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-Home
This mystery is set in beautiful Scotland and the young man at the center of the book studies Oceanography. He is pulled into a case of a missing girl that was a sex slave and he uses the oceans currents and tides to help solve the mystery. In the process he solves a family mystery as well. Unusual mystery in many ways. Excellent for mystery lovers.

The Curate of Glaston by George MacDonald
MacDonald was a Victorian writer. I love his books. This one is one of my favorites of his. It is a trilogy made up of The Curate's Awakening, The Lady's Confession and The Baron's Apprenticeship. The trilogy depicts the spiritual awakening of  young curate Thomas Wingfold and the lives of those he touches. Filled with suspense and love, these novels reveal God's infinite and loving means of drawing hearts to himself. All of his books have spiritual themes as he was also a clergyman. His books always leave me feeling uplifted and renewed in hope in my fellow man as well as in God. These books are not the sugar coated fiction today's Christian fiction seem to be. MacDonald's books are meaty and food for the soul.

The Suspect by L.R. Wright
This is a topnotch little mystery! We know right off who did what. The question is will he get away with it or not? Do you even want him to get caught? Set in a sleepy little town on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. This is the first in a series featuring the town librarian Cassandra Mitchell and Staff Sergeant Alberg. Lovely series!

Cordelia Underwood or The Marvelous Beginnings of the Moosepath League by Van Reid
Portland, Maine, 1896. This is the first in a series of hilarious old fashioned romps through Victorian New England! Cordelia inherits a parcel of land from her seafaring uncle and it sets in motion a grand adventure like you've never seen before that leads to the unearthing of a family secret two centuries old. I  laughed until I hurt. Charming, quirky characters you'll want to visit again and again!

A Small Death in the Great Glen by A.D. Scott
Another first in a series. Set in the 1950's Scottish Highlands. The main characters are the staff at the small local newspaper. Delicious murder plot, heinous crime, and always with Ms. Scott a jaw dropping ending!

Penny Plain by O. Douglas
A sweet Kailyard (unrealistic sentimental portrayal of Scottish life). Jean, who considers herself nothing more than a penny plain is the sweet heroine in the story. Miss Douglas always has a wee boy, a dog and a house filled with character as central to her stories and this one is my favorite.  O. Douglas is the pen name for Anna Buchan, sister to the famous writer John Buchan. This book is perfect to sit and let the stress of modern life just roll away as you transport yourself into this simpler time.

Murder Most Scottish by multiple authors
For the Scottish mystery lover this book is essential reading. Twenty of the most bloodcurdling murder stories ever. A wonderful smorgasbord of Scottish authors...Michael Innes, Ian Rankin, Sir Walter Scott, Peter Turnbull, Antonia Fraser, Elizabeth Ferrars, Cathrine Sinclair and more!

There you have it, my 10 top reccommendations! Have you read any of them?

Peggy Ann


  1. Your list looks great - and starting off with Anne of Green Gables!! Have fun reading this week!

  2. I've read just three of them. Anne of Green Gables, A Small Death in the Great Glen and Penny Plain but I have read quite a lot of George MacDonald's books, just not that one. I really fancy the Moosepath League books.

    1. They are so funny, And I bet your American fairy will bring you one!

  3. A nice group of books and I have read several of them. The book of short stories sounds interesting.

  4. Good list. I re-read the Anne books at least once a year and never tire of them. I recently purchased and read Mystery in White and loved it. I hope the British Library publishes more of Farjeon's books. I read The Curate's Awakening many years ago, a Christian Herald book club edition that had been "edited for today's readers" and have now downloaded all the Thomas Wingfold books from Project Gutenberg to see if I still like them. Project Gutenberg also has Penny Plain and I'm looking forward to reading that. I'll check out my library for some of the others. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Project Gutenberg is amazing! That's where I got Penny Plain too. I've since bought quite a few of her books used online.I got several George MacDonald's for Christmas a few years ago in the original text. Wow! took some getting use to while reading. Very strong Scottish brogue and very wordy and long. But I love them! I have lots of edited versions. Good luck finding the ones you want!

  5. Interesting list. I've read and loved The Suspect and liked The Sea Detective. In both, I like the sense of place very much. The feeling of isolation and deprivation on the Scottish islands is literally chilling.
    On to more Scotland-centered books this year.


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