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Monday, January 12, 2015

Bout of Books 12 Wrap-Up

My first Bout of Books Read-A-Thon is finished and I am happy with my reading. I got 3 books read this last week and one of them was over 300 pages.

I read Number Seventeen by Louis Tracy a 1915 murder mystery, Common or Garden Crime by Irish author Sheila Pim (published in 1945) and last but not least The Vital Spark by Scottish author Neil Munro (published in 1906). Click on the links if you want to read my report on these books.

I had a great time joining in a few of the challenges. Two I posted here on the blog and one I did through Instagram, something new to me!...

Top Ten Book Recommendations @Trees of Reverie. Thanks to Sarah for being such a wonderful host of a fun challenge. I won this one! I have two Peter May books (The Lewis Man & Entry Island) winging their way to me as we speak!

Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt was hosted by Stefani @Caught Read Handed was a fun hunt through my shelves!

Literary Quote Challenge @Gone With the Words was to post a pic of a quote from one of your books and I chose to do it through Instragram, click here to see the pic! the quote was:
'Family life often makes it difficult to indulge one's personal impulses of benevolence'Lucy Bex speaking in Common or Garden Crime.

I did a little of the socializing through Twitter but on the whole I am not a very good Tweeter:( I'm really just on it to see the pics of James Oswald's farm animals;)

It was fun and I would do it again. Maybe next time one of you will join me!?

Peggy Ann


  1. I really must get a hold of some Sheila Pim books, they sound right up my street!

  2. I can't read three books in a week any more, certainly not longish ones -- and I seem to encounter more of those than ever these days. But since Jan. 1, I have read J.K. Rowling's The Silkworm (465 pages); Tana French's The Secret Place (450 pages) and pretty darn good, and just finished my first Ian Rankin book, Standing in the Shadow Bible. Where have I been for the last several years, missing out on John Rebus? The dialogue and the humor bowled me over. Wish I had time to zip through many more in this series, but I'll keep it in mind.

  3. Oops: That's Saints of the Shadow Bible. My first Scotland-set book of the year. Plan to read more, and hope Denise Mina is publishing another one soon.

    1. A new Denise Mina is coming out Feb. 13, Kathy! Red Road https://www.orionbooks.co.uk/books/detail.page?isbn=9781409137283

      Books do seem to be getting longer. I tend too read a lot of older books though. I LOVE the Peter May books though and they are over 300 pages. And Scottish! Since you liked Rebus you'll have to try new author James Oswald. They are calling him the new Ian Rankin. His books are good, involving Inspector McLean and set in Edinburgh.

      I have a couple Tana French on the shelf but yet to read her. Maybe his year?

  4. I read Red Road last year, quite gritty but good. Not a cozy read by any means. But I'll read anything Denise Mina writes. And she has persuaded me to become a Glasgow fan.
    I plan to read Entry Island this year as I want to know about the history Peter May is describing.
    Perhaps I'll try James Oswald or else dip into more of Ian Rankin's books.
    I liked all of Tana French's books, some more than others. The Secret Place was tough to
    get into, took me 100 pages, but then I realized how well-done it was.


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