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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Challenge Wrap Ups

Looking back at my challenges for this year on this cold frosty morning. I didn't do to well this year. I signed up for 5 but one doesn't end until February so I am not counting that one in this wrap up. Too bad because I have met my challenge level in it.

Read Scotland 2014 I did really well in. I signed up for Ben Nevis 13+ books. Later in the year it was suggested to add a new level and Back O'Beyond 25+ books was born. I upgraded and did complete that level. I read 25 books written by Scots. I probably could squeak another one in before the end of the year, but with the reading slump I seem to be in I doubt that will happen.

Click here to peruse my list of books read for this challenge. So many good ones it would be hard to pick a favorite. I have to say I was quite surprised that I enjoyed the Janet Caird books so much and would have to rank them up pretty high for just plain enjoyable reads. The Jessica Stirling books were really good too and of course A Scots Quair.  Alan Jones' Blue Wicked stretched my comfort zone quite a bit, but it was a well written solid thriller with a nice twist at the end and I was glad I read it. I would have to say that Material Evidence by Bill Kirton was my least favorite. If I have to pick a favorite it would be a tie between these two books...
The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas Home
The Blackhouse by Peter May

Read Scotland will be back for 2015! There's just too many good books by Scots not too continue it!

Meet the Protagonist over at Littlequeen Rules was fun.  What is a protagonist? The leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text. JoAnne gave us 8 categories of protagonist to meet. I got 7 of them.

The Protagonist Categories:

A woman who is a mother.
A real life person who is written into a fictional story.
A person that changes forms.
A person who is from a country different than the one you currently live in.
A person who lived before WW1.
A person who lives by a body of water.
A person younger than 18.
A character that is in a book series.

I got all but A real life person who is written into a fictional story. List of what I read

Mount TBR 2014 hosted by Bev @ My Readers Block and on Goodreads. I signed up for this one on Goodreads. I did terrible on this one! You are suppose to read only books that are on your bookshelf and have been there prior to the beginning of the year. I signed up for Mt. Vancouver 36 books and I only read 17 books that have been on my shelf prior to 2014! I'll never get my bookshelves read at this rate! List of what I read.

I think my favorite reads for this challenge were The Case For Sergeant Beef  by Leo Bruce and Death at the Dog by Joanne Cannan and also Murder on Clam Pond by Douglas Kiker.

Vintage Mystery Bingo 2014 also hosted by Bev @My Readers Block. I usually do really well with her vintage mystery challenges, but I bombed this year! I only read 4 for this challenge! Didn't even fill one bingo! I don't really care for the bingo format. I didn't read many vintage mysteries at all this year and the ones I did, didn't fit anywhere on the bingo card.

Next year I'm not signing up for anything except the Read Scotland 2015 Challenge. I just want to read what I want to read when I want to read it and not worry about if it fits in anywhere. Maybe I'll get more read that way?!

Hope your year of reading was satisfactory for you and here's to next year's reading!

Peggy Ann


  1. I think you did OK, Peggy. Like you I signed up for five and have completed some and others have not done so well on. I'm cutting down on them next year as well. Like you I want to read a bit more freely.

    1. They always sound fun and inviting and then as the year goes on it becomes a chore!


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