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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Read-a-thon Update

Started reading at 9:30 this morning so it's been 4 hours. I am on page 92 of Case for Sergeant Beef by Leo Bruce. Would have liked to say more than that, but I took a phone call and it lasted too long! It is half way thru the book though! I did stop over at Bibliophibian Inc. and participate in the 4th hour mini challenge Quotable Quotes.

 ‘First Entry
I have decided to commit a murder. And before I go any farther I want to try to give my reasons for this as accurately as possible. They will be so very important to the psychologist of the future when the Wellington Chickle Murder Case has taken its right place as one of the great historical crimes, when such names as Crippen and Landau will be obscure in comparison with my name. Not, of course, that my name will be associated with the Crime during my lifetime. After I have finished my days in peace this Journal will be given to the world and then for the first time it will be realized that the brains of Scotland Yard have been outmatched by the genius of one who seemed no more than a sober, gentle, retired watchmaker.’

On the Wing's of Books is holding a Book Staging mini challenge this hour. We are suppose to stage our book we are reading with props that go with the story. I'm reading a murder mystery and the murder was committed with a hunting gun so I dug out my hubby's and here you go...

Back to reading!

Peggy Ann

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