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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's the Day Scotland Votes!

Today is the BIG day for Scotland. They are voting on independence from the United Kingdom. I am excited for them! If I were Scottish I would be voting YES! I do think they would better govern themselves. All their wonderful natural resources and talent and ingenuity would make them a strong, rich nation. Why should England get all the rewards and make all the decisions about whats best for them?

If you find this interesting here are a few links you can follow today.


Scottish Independence trending
Yes Scotland
Alex Salmond

The Evening Times (Glasgow)
The Guardian
The Telegraph  (they have a live broadcast stream here)
The Scotsman
The Herald
The Daily Record

You won't see much being broadcast or written about today until the voting is over as this is their rule about that..

On polling day the BBC, in common with other broadcasters, will cease to report campaigns from 06.00 until the polls close.  Coverage will be restricted to uncontroversial factual accounts, such as the appearance of politicians at polling stations or the weather.  Subjects which have been at issue or part of the campaign, or other controversial matters relating to the election, must not receive coverage on polling day, to ensure that nothing in the BBC's output can be construed as influencing the ballot while the polls are open.
from Editorial Guidelines
Wish the US media would take a few lessons from them!

Very funny video about independence by John Oliver. You have to watch this one!

Video that explains the path to Independence for us Non-brits

There you go a nice sampling to keep you in the loop. But make sure you watch the John Oliver video for a great laugh and serious points!

Peggy Ann


  1. My brother and his wife were traveling in Scotland within the last couple of weeks. They love it and plan on returning. My brother spent some time reading the Scottish daily papers and keeping himself up to par on the latest Scottish Independence news. He's for it. Though we're not Scots, we love Scotland and wish only the best for her. I'm coming around to thinking that this might be the right time for independence.

  2. I'm Scots descent (father and both grandfathers) -I hope they get independence and then the rest of us in the UK won't have to pay for their free university education and prescriptions and all the other things funded from central taxation!
    Salmond is akin to the Pied Piper leading the Scottish population on a wild goosechase - he talks big but his answers don't add up. Our Westminster government is out of touch with ALL the regions NOT just Scotland - I wish we could could have home rule for Warwickshire but that ain't going to happen!
    If the YES vote wins there will be a great deal of rejoicing north of the Border - but I doubt it will last longn and when the grim reality sets in, soon after the 'honeymoon period' I predict we'll hear the sound of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    Good luck, Scotland - I think you're going to need it!

  3. Well, maybe it's that they need to have the chance to build something of their own, Sue. There will be gnashing of teeth because everyone will want some immediate thing - IF they vote for independence. That's only human. I don't know, at first I was against the whole idea, but we'll have to wait and see. I only hope for a bright future for Scotland, a country I love and admire.

    1. Yvette - if the YES vote wins then Scotland becomes independant but the rest of the UK is changed forever - AND WE DIDN'T GET A SAY IN THIS!
      Imagine how you m

    2. Imagine how you might feel if one of your States declared independance and you could do nothing about it - no l

    3. Sorry - phone keeps cutting off, so I'll just say that I'm worried how far independance will break up my country and the knock-on effect that will have. This referendum is being sold as a 'right' for Scotland to be 'free' - but they already have more priviledges than us and OUR taxes provide more money to be spent per capita on them than us. which means that I had to pay for my kids to go to uni while theirs go free and we have to pay for any prescribed medication (the NHS does NOT cover that in England!!!) But Scottish citizens get it all buck-shee.

      Sorry for my rant - but but Alex Salmond is only in it for personal glory and when it all goes belly up you won't see him for dust. Meanwhile, we'll be picking up the pieces if our dis-United Kingdom

  4. Sue H,

    It is a fact that Scotland pays more into the UK in taxes than they take out and if you take into consideration the fact that the Scottish oil has been keeping the UK afloat since the 1970s then it's not surprising that people in Scotland feel hard done by. It is disgraceful that the people in England have to pay for tuition fees and prescriptions, and Scottish MPs should all have refused to participate in those votes, but the voters of England seem to be mainly interested in leaving Europe, they should concentrate on things closer to home. The Scottish government decided to spend money on free prescriptions, England could have done the same but chose not to. Also Scotland is NOT a region as you said, it is a different country with a different legal system and education system. I could go on and on.... have you every visited Scotland? The vast majority of English people haven't and have no wish to.

    1. Katrina - I have a long Scottish heritage through both my parents and visit the country frequently.
      I take your point regarding region/country - I was emphasising how even in the various regional centres of England we don't get much of a say in how our local affairs are dealt with - here in the Midlands we, too, would like a referendum but we ain't going to get it!
      In a few hours, of the YES vote succeeds then Scotland and the rest of the remaining UK will be changed forever. It guts me that we have no say in this.
      Rant over.


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