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Friday, September 12, 2014

Celtic Blood by James Loftus Free!

Celtic Blood a historical fiction/supernatural thriller is FREE on Kindle amazon for 5 days from September 12. (Beginning 12am Pacific time)


All who dare come ye hither into the dark woods where danger lies. The theme of dangers lurking in the green forest is ancestral, species long, it scares us and fascinates us both. Come with me and enter the woods.

A boy once his father is murdered seeks escape amongst the wilds riding deeper and deeper into the green. He is the son of a noble Earl, the great-grandson of a king, and marked for death. He is the last of his line. Alone in the trees bar for one friend who has forsaken him not.

A forest has haunting power. You need God's power and protection in the shadows. And, in the deep dark mysterious forest-shadows nothing ... nothing ... protects ... you.

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WITH AN UNQUENCHABLE thirst the ship drank in the ocean. White tops
came crashing over the sides forcing every man to go down on all fours to
avoid being cast overboard. Woven trimmings trembled under
avalanches of water. The wind was bludgeoning. Most of the men
huddled together for warmth and protection under the covered stern
of the ship. Seward, thirteen, although none would call him so young
by his look, held a rail with an iron grip. Tasting the sea-blown water
on his lips, Seward felt felt exhilarated by the turbulence of nature and
was afraid.

A great read for the Read Scotland challenge!

Peggy Ann

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