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Friday, September 12, 2014

Brother Have You Got a Dime?

I had to share this! May our eyes always be open to opportunities to give.


  1. That made me cry, Peggy! The sad thing is that it's so easy to be kind, to smile, to share. So easy.

  2. Me, too. The first good cry I had today.

    It's so true. Often the poorest people are the most generous.

    A friend told me once that at the Medicaid office a woman client was
    giving fruit to other people waiting on the line.

    And one night I was walking down a main street in my neighborhood, and
    saw a man outside a Boston chicken take-out place. He needed money. I
    gave him a dollar or two. Then a man walking out of the restaurant, holding
    a bag with his dinner in it, saw the man and handed him the entire bag.

    The man was so happy and we were all yelling "thanks," and "you made
    my day," and "if the whole world was like this, problems would be solved."

    1. Thanks for sharing those with us Kathy! I love hearing tales of kindness.


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