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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Maine,The Way Life Should Be

I love Maine's state slogan! I have a picture of the Welcome to Maine sign with it on it on my refrigerator. A gift from a co-worker of my husband's that knows I am crazy for Maine.

We had a nice time just pootling around the lake for a week. We ended up not really doing much else, no boat rides or shopping. The kids were fish and just happy to be in the water. We did go to the Maine Lobster Festival the first day and then just stayed close to the lake.

 The Lobster Crate Race
This little gal tied first with another little boy for 6,500 crates! A new record!
Look who we found wondering around!  Blackbeard!

There's a nice State Park not far from the cottage and we packed a picnic lunch two days and spent there. It has a sandy beach which makes it easier for the kids to get in the water and play. The cottage has lots of rocks and they have to jump off the dock there and can't touch bottom, but they still loved it, went in as soon as we got home from the state park! Enjoyed climbing around on the rocks along the shoreline too.

on Long Lake
We rode up to Naples Maine, on Long Lake, one evening, just a few miles north of us. There is a sea plane there that you can take a ride on (click the link and go for a ride on it!). We like to get ice cream and sit and watch the plane take off and land. There are gift shops and a Paddle-wheel Riverboat you can ride. I love their library and it's ongoing basement book sale!

Going to the state park you have to pass over the Songo Locks. Its the last remaining lock on the Cumberland and Oxford Canal. The canal connected the largest lakes of southern Maine with the seaport of Portland Maine before the railroad. The Lock is still operated by hand and we got to see it in action a couple of times this trip. Click here for images of the lock and here if you want to watch a video of going thru the lock.

Grandpa went to Baxter State Park one day for a hike. It was a 4 hr. ride up and back and we decided not to go with him. Did I mention he is a little bit crazy:) We did a trip there before and the kids didn't want to be stuck in the car that long. He did get to see a moose up close and personal and got some great shots and video of him. Darn, would have liked to have seen that myself, next time maybe. There are lots of gorgeous pictures he took there on my Shutterfly page (all the pics from the trip are there). Mount Katadin is in Baxter State Park. We just stayed at the cottage and watched movies and played in the water. We burnt our dinner...

so we just ate the good gooey cheesy topping and walked up to Gemme's general store and got good unburnt pizza! and a giant whoopi pie for dessert!

Our landlord, Butch got a new puppy while we were there. Pat, his old faithful German Short Haired Retriever passed last November. Miles, also a German Short Hair, was 10 weeks old when he brought him home and the kids adored him! 

as much as they loved Butch! He and Ann are the greatest people and really make the stay a joy for me.

The kids were so sad to leave the lake, Butch and Miles, but there will be other years and other trips. Maybe next time Mom and Dad can go with us and make it a family affair!

The last night we were there we had the most beautiful sunset ever! What a send off!

The long ride home:

Peggy Ann


  1. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful, laid-back time in Maine, Peggy Ann. :) Maine lends itself to that. We went there years ago and had a great time. I do love their rocky coastline. We passed through Vermont and stayed overnight in a bed and breakfast. Good memories.

    1. It is a laid-back environment, Yvette. I think thats why I love it. And it is so gorgeous there! I'm glad you got to go too!

  2. Oh wow! What a wonderful place! I'm so envious. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us.

    1. Your welcome Cath, hope you get there someday!

  3. That sounds like a perfect week to me! Maine is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the pictures... I had to go find the moose photos on shutterfly - wow!

  4. Thanks to your terrific post, I feel a little like we went to Maine this year after all! I looked at your photos on Shutterfly. You have some gorgeous photos there! The moose photos are great! I can see Katahdin in the distance from the land I own in Maine - if the land is still there! We haven't been there for about ten years. Maybe when we go to Boston this fall. Is the red cabin the one you rent? I love that it's right on the lake. I don't think I'd budge from it!

    1. No we stay in the white cottage right next to the big farmhouse. I hope to bring my son and his wife too one year and stay in the red one.

  5. I love Maine, been to Mount Desert Island three times and rented a cabin on Moosehead Lake in the early 1970s. It was very quiet there, but we hiked and ate.

    We hiked up Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. But after 3 1/2 hours we hadn't hit a peak, were still climbing easy terrain. But we were worried about it getting dark, so we climbed down in about 1 1/2 hours, drove back to the cabin with the worst hunger ever. It was beautiful there.

    1. No place like Maine, any part of it! Still haven't got to stay on an island though, someday!

  6. Everyone should go at least once to Mount Desert Island, not to go to touristy Bar Harbor, but to drive around the island, hike, see the oceanside and the mountains, swim in a lake. I remember hiking up Day Mountain and sitting on top with a homemade green apple pie, reading. The pie was made by the daughter-in-law of the original pie maker in Southwest Harbor. The blue sky, the view of the sound at Bar Harbor, the boats, the houses, mountains. Incredible.


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