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Monday, August 4, 2014

Maine, The Way Life Should Be!

We are in Maine! On Sebago Lake, just north west of Portland. I adore the little cottage we rent here right on the lake. The owners are so sweet and it feels like coming home each time. We are swimming, eating lobster, reading, playing board games, walking the old district in Portland and hopefully taking the grandkids on a boat ride to see whales! This year we made it in time for the Maine Lobsterfest in Rockland. I love to watch the crate races! Thought I'd give you a few links to make you feel like you've come along!

Pictures of the Sebago Lake area

About Sebago Lake

The weather for the area

Lake info and temperature

Maine Lobsterfest

Lobstering in Vinalhaven Maine an island off the coast. I'd love to spend a month on this island some summer! Featured in Elisabeth Ogilvie's books. (It's pronounce vinyl haven)

Portland Maine

We might be taking a Seal Cruise or Lobster Trap Hauling cruise or a Whale Cruise or riding the Narrow Gauge Railway or see some lighthouses.

Sit back and watch a crate race!
See you later!

Peggy Ann


  1. This sounds like a wonderful time for family.

    1. It is so relaxing and lovely Diane. Info on its way soon and a link for picks of the cottages.

  2. I just love Maine... glad you are enjoying every moment!

    1. Do you have a particular spot in Maine you'ns go, JoAnn?

  3. Have you stopped by Gritty McDuff's yet? It's a brew pub in Portland and has great beer and good food (at least it did the last time I was there, which has been several years). A friend of mine was a bartender there.

    Breathe lots of that clean Maine sea air! I envy you! Maybe we'll get back there this fall.

    Most of all - have fun!!!!!

    1. We did Joan! The grandkids are hooked now. Isa cried when we left.

    2. We have not stopped at Gritty McDuff's yet. Didn't get into Portland this year. Couldn't drag the kids away from the lake long enough to go anywhere!

  4. Hi,
    My husband was born in Casco and spent his early years in the Sebago Lake area. It has been a privilege to visit that area several times over the years we have been married. I'm hoping very much to go back some day!

    1. We love it there, Aunt P! This was the first year we took the grandkids and they didn't want to come home. They lived in the lake!

  5. Now this makes me nostalgic for Maine and Mount Desert Island where I went for three vacations, and one to Moosehead Lake.

    I just loved hiking around on Mount Desert Island, climbing up Day's Mountain and sitting at the top with my then-partner reading and eating fresh green apple pie, with the most glorious view of Bar Harbor, the water, boats and more.

    And sitting on the pier with Biel's lobsters overlooking Southwest Harbor, and so much more.

    What a beautiful place.


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