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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

House Exploded!

4 o'clock this morning there was a loud noise. Everyone thought it was thunder. Got up later and a helicopter was flying in a circle overhead. Stepped out to see what kind it was and found debris all over the yard and the neighbors yards. Mostly insulation.

Cancelled checks laying in the shrubs and singed burnt monopoly money on the ground. The house was a couple miles up the hill from us. Neighbors that ran outside said there was a red fire ball and flames shooting up through the trees and ash floating down.

It was a two story home of an older couple, 74 and 69 years old. Their bodies were found in the rubble. The home was absolutely leveled. There is a propane gas tank sitting off in the side yard. It most likely was a propane gas leak and it caused the explosion.

Here's the pic from the news page.
(Photo Credit: Brenda Waters/KDKA)
Here's a link to the news article online. The evening news will probably have a bigger story on it. Their helicopter was flying over for a half hour or more this morning.

How sad, picking up the little pieces of someone's life from my yard. At-least they probably didn't know what hit them. I can't imagine how their kids feel.

And that's the news in Beaver Falls,
Peggy Ann


  1. How sad! There just aren't words.

  2. Oh Peggy...this is unbelievable....and so so sad!

  3. Replies
    1. I know, Tracy. We have natural gas and I worry now!

  4. That's so sad, thankfully as you say the poor souls probably didn't know anything about it.

    1. The paper said autopsy's were going to be performed and I can't imagine the bodies were intact enough for that!

  5. That is so sad. Quick, though, as you say. A food truck in Philly blew up the other week, also because of a propane tank leak, and several people were badly burned. I guess I have new respect for propane.

    1. Propane is so very volatile. Looks like it actually left a little indention where the house used to be!


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