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Friday, July 4, 2014

Creature Comforts by Jessica Stirling

'By the year 1813 the good folk of the Scottish village of Balnesmoor are able to breathe freely, for it appears that Gaddy Patterson's wayward daughters are at last settled in marriage. Elspeth is wife to James Moodie, wealthy owner of a thriving woolen mill; Anna to Matt Sinclair, son of the respected governor of Ottershaw. But Elspeth's marriage is a loveless sham, clouded by an unthinkable secret known only to her husband; and Anna, selfish and impetuous, has no time for Matt and dreams only of the day when Randall Bontine will return from the war in Spain to lay claim to Ottershaw and to her.

for Elspeth the discovery of love and its consequences throws a shadow over the future by forcing James Moodie into a desperate act of retribution. Anna's desire for the soldier Bontine makes Matt a victim of passion and leads to an inexorable confrontation that threatens not only her husband's life and sister's happiness, but also the roots of the community and its continued existence.

Tender love and brooding guilt are mingled with complex characters and the stark realities of the Scottish landscape in this thoroughly satisfying novel: qualities that bode well for the third volume in a masterful trilogy.'

This one is the 2nd in the trilogy and I enjoyed it as much as the first! Whisky running, dark secrets coming to light, infidelity, madness, class warfare and murder. What more could you need? On to book 3! Good writing, keeps you interested and turning pages. Well developed characters and story-lines with historical events wove into the story. Thankfully there is a long list of books by Jessica Stirling and he is still writing! Yes Jessica is really a man!  Here's my review of the first book in this series if you missed it.

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