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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Working Draft

Last week I had the privilege to read the first draft of Alan Jones' second book. He wrote and self published The Cabinetmaker on Kindle. I reviewed it here last January. I know some of you have read it also. This next book is even better. It's a thriller, think, Wire in the Blood, or maybe Jo Nesbo. Not for the squeamish.

This book is about a serial killer in the Glasgow area. And the murders are quite gruesome. The lead character isn't a police officer though, he is a veterinarian. He is investigating a string of horrible cat mutilations and gets caught up in the police investigation when the killer graduates to trying it out on humans. He is assigned to consult with the female DS on the case.

In addition to the police procedural aspect of the novel there's a romance brewing and lots of veterinary action and info to soften up the gruesomeness.

Really a well rounded tale. I kept forgetting I was suppose to be proofreading it, I got so involved in the story. Very climactic ending that just about brought tears to my eyes too. It's one to watch for! I'll keep you up to date on it.

Alan has put The Cabinetmaker on Smashwords so it is available in Epub form now too.

I don't know if you'll think this is cheating, but I'm going to count this one towards the Read Scotland Challenge too! That brings me up to 16 now.

Peggy Ann

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