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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Monday, June 30, 2014

Just a Little Muddle

It's Monday. Last weeks gone, a whole new week to get it right!

We're off camping for a few days, yippee! Hoping to get a lot of reading done. Bossman is golfing and I'll have loads of time to sit and relax. Might not even take my iPad:0

Had a new member join up with our Goodreads Read Scotland 2014 group the other day and he had read a book that sounded really interesting to me. Of course my library doesn't have it so I will have to buy it. Janice Galloway is the author. Born in Ayreshire, Scotland her books will count for the challenge! This is the one I want to read desperately. Have any of you read anything by her?

Do you like 'strange stories'? This review over at Pretty Sinister Books got my interest piqued.

And this book over at Lakeside Musing sounds really good too.

Made this meatloaf last week. I thought it was excellent, so moist. But bossman said he prefers the tradition meatloaf. :(

Thinking about making this salad for the 4th of July picnic. Made this one a couple of weeks ago though and it was delish! Hmm, which one?

Funny pic of bossman (in the middle) and his golfing cronies. Get a load of the pants on that fella!

I'm not very good at writing reviews. I never know what to say really other than I loved it. This post was helpful.

This is what my youngest son does for a living...

He's a certified arborist. This is not him in the video though. Once when he was cutting down a very tall pine tree for a relative we all brought our lawn chairs and watched him work. He let us put on the 'saddle' and try climbing like this guy is doing. I gave it a go. I was the only woman who tried. His brother in law who works out and is very muscular got absolutely no where. His father in law got a tiny way. Guess who got the highest? Yep! Me. It's all in the hips ladies! The men try to do it with arm strength, women just seem to naturally swing those hips and up we go! It was fun and interesting. except for the part where he got in a wasp nest and had to sit very still 'til they all settled back down and we passed, via ropes, wasp spray up to him. Paul got his degree in Graphic Arts though last year, this is not a job for an old man, he said, and he is getting there soon.

Watch the tiny space this guy lands a tall pine through! Paul said he is his hero!

Post by Kevin Wood.

Make a good week!
Peggy Ann


  1. Jack has read that Janice Galloway book, The Trick is to Keep Breathing but it wasn't his cup of tea, about an anorexic self-harmer apparently. I've read one of her books, it was okayish but had annoying mistakes, not of the typos variety.

    1. I thought it was about depression not anorexia. Oh well. Will still be interesting. Insight into the self harming, which I assume is cutting, will be interesting to me.

  2. Hope you have a lovely holiday, Peggy, with lots and lots of good books!

    1. Jodi, I am so pumped! The first night here I got an email from a writer friend and he included the first draft of his new novel! I'm practically begging bossman to hurry up and get to the golf course so I can be alone to read!

  3. Hope you have a great trip! The All of It Was very well-written, quiet and thoughtful... I liked it, but it probably won't appeal to most readers.

    1. I will probably like it then JoAnn, I seem to like things no one else I know does.


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