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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Frog in the Throat by E.X. Ferrars

Virginia Freer is enjoying a brief holiday at the cottage of old friends Helen and Andrew when her estranged husband Felix comes knocking at the door. Painful memories turn up with the irrepressible Mr. Freer - as does his penchant for prevarication, petty theft and amateur sleuthing. Virginia is suspicious of Felix's sudden appearance. But she never suspects his lighthearted snooping into the secret sins of a pair of literary sisters, a wealthy widow, a popular poet and a love-struck bachelor will turn so deadly serious...until murder gives Virginia and Felix a FROG IN THE THROAT.

Excellent who dunnit! I especially enjoyed the relationship between Virginia and Felix. You find yourself liking him and rooting for him. A good look into relationships and what we 'see' in people and what lies beneath!

Peggy Ann


  1. Peggy, I am working on a post for another book by Elizabeth Ferrars: Skeleton in Search of a Cupboard. There is a series of books by Ferrars with Virginia Freer and Felix. I want to try those too. Glad you liked it. And glad to see that Elizabeth Ferrars counts as a Scottish writer. I did see your earlier post about that.

    1. I really do like her mysteries, Tracy. We could do a whole Ben Nevis just on her books!

  2. I love the Virginia and Felix books and wish Ms. Ferrars had written more of them. I too enjoy the relationship between V & F. She seems a bit cold, but you really can't blame her.

    1. Thanks, for stopping by Audra! I'm going to try to find all of the books in this series. I'm hoping this one was the first. I'm off to see if it is.


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