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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Walk Around the Yard and a Few Other Things

Spring is finally here! Mind you we haven't had decent weather to really work in the yard yet. We're not suppose to plant anything in this zone before May 30th. I need to get the morning glory seeds in though or they will bloom too late. My yard isn't very conducive for lots of flowerbeds, we are in a low laying area and the ground is so wet until about August. Sometimes I have black mold growing in sections where it is the lowest.

The Stella D'oro lilies are getting so green and full they will be blooming soon!

I miss my old Stella Blue dog, she use to lay ever so gingerly in between them or behind them as it was always shady and cool there.

Yesterday the poppies bloomed! and the Pinks behind them are getting full of buds.

I put mostly herbs in this little front bed. I haven't gotten anything new put in yet. We've had terrible weather. Cold or raining. Now its in the 80's today and humid. No normal weather! My lavendar didn't make it through the winter this year so I dug it out and will have to replace it. It was so beautiful last year!

My Sweet Woodruff on the shady side of the house just gets more spread out each year. Finally found something that will grow there! The pine trees shade the side of the house and keep it from getting much water from the rain too. It's been a very difficult area to get anything to grow period. I have a couple small leafed rhododendron there and they flower beautifully but they are very sparse in leaves and reach way to the left trying to get the sun. I didn't get a shot of them when they were blooming last week.

I shouldn't let the chives come to bloom but they are so pretty and I read somewhere that you should let them bloom once. Don't know if thats true or not. I'll cut them back after they bloom and then keep them clipped for cooking after that. I love Noodles and Chives in the summer with fresh chives! I freeze them for use over the winter. I'll include the recipe at the bottom of the post!

We took a trip up to our Outlet Mall on Friday and I happened on a 60% off day at the Vera Bradley store! I got a new purse and matching wallet! Just what every gal needs for spring, right! I also got a real buy on a wristlet wallet to match my other purse and the cosmetic trio I've been wanting.

Finishing up D.M. Annechino's new medical thriller Hypocrisy and looking forward to getting started on The Sea Detective! Going to Hilton Head South Carolina this weekend for a week. Hoping to get lots of reading done and eat out at great restaurants!

Alan Jones directed me to this great book site last week. If you love crime thrillers you want to bookmark this site! e-thriller.com

If you have 50 extra minutes and love animal stories you might like this video of a very strange friendship between Themba the baby elephant and Albert the sheep! I really enjoyed it.

Noodles and Chives

Bag of medium sized egg noodles
one large container of large curd cottage cheese
butter, melted (3/4 to whole stick) depends on how much you love butter!
Chives, chopped (fresh preferably or freeze-dried)

Cook noodles according to directions on package. While cooking saute chopped chives in melting butter. Mix butter and chives and cottage cheese with noodles, salt and pepper and enjoy!

No exact measurements I know, but we just wing it depending on if I am doing a whole bag or half. If you like cottage cheese its better with lots of it. I use a whole large container if using a whole bag of noodles. Of course I'm a butter freak so I use lots of butter. I melt the butter on the stove and let the chives saute while the noodles cook. this is good hot or room temperature. It heats up easy in the microwave but don't over do it or the cottage cheese will melt.

Peggy Ann


  1. The sweet woodruff looks mighty nice, Peggy Ann. I'm looking for something to plant to disguise the gas meter. I'm also looking to find some lavender to plant. I love that even in a container (which is how I plant lavender) it comes back every year. Though last winter did it for my long-lived plant. I've thrown caution to the winds and planted some geraniums and one basil plant. It's been warm, but we'll have to wait and see. :) I love those Vera Bradley accessories you happened on - I love the word: SALE! Ha.

    1. Yvette, the sweet woodruff is very low to the ground, more a ground cover. I don't think it would 'disguise' your gas meter. You definitely want something that won't attract bees to sting your gasman! My lavender was at least 4 years old, so sad it didn't make it thru the winter. I've never had luck with basil:(

  2. Your gardens look lovely. I love the plants you have in them.

    Have a great trip! Lots of reading!


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