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Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Catch-Up

Well, we are a third of the way into the Read Scotland 2014 challenge. How is it going for you? Have you read a new to you author? Savored an old favorite? Found a new author, series or character that has become your new favorite? Made a new friend through the challenge? I'm enjoying myself immensely and meeting great new people and finding so many authors I'll be reading Scotland for the rest of my life!

I signed up for Ben Nevis, 13 or more. I've read 9 so far. So I'm online to scale Ben Nevis twice! Not too late for you to join in!

So far every book has been a new author for me and the style of writing is quite varied. From the silly, fun, The McFlannel's by Helen W. Pryde to the gritty Glasgow crime thriller The Cabinetmaker by Alan Jones, with the Scottish classic Sunset Song thrown in.

First to most recent:

Sisters of the Bruce 1292-1314 by J. M. Harvey

Aoife's Chariot by Katherine Pathak

It's way to hard to pick a favorite as I enjoyed each and everyone of them. But I guess I would say Sunset Song would have to squeeze its way to the top. The White Bird Passes is a heartbreaking tale of a time gone and a strong and vibrant girl. Of course The Cabinetmaker was a strong first novel with a great detective story and a wealth of info on cabinetmaking at the same time and I gained a new friend in the author so that one has to be one of my favs too. I am looking forward to continuing the series by Katherine Pathak and Cecilia Peartree, both good solid mysteries.

What I'm looking forward to reading next for the challenge: The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-Home! Next on my list to read! D.E. Stevenson, a new to me author, a favorite comfort read of mine O. Douglas, an Aline Templeton mystery, James Oswald's The Hangman's Song of course! Finish A Scot's Quair trilogy and savor a book by one of my all time favorite Scottish authors - George MacDonald. There's so many new ones I've come across I can't wait to read, I couldn't possibly list them all and I'm sure before the end is over I'll have loads more! I did set up a Read Scotland board on Pinterest with 2 other gals. Three of us posting books by Scots or set in Scotland or about Scotland. Check it out!

On another note - I read over at Heavenali that Mary Hocking died in February at the age of 92. Ali introduced me to Ms. Hocking with her reviews of the Fairley family trilogy  here and I got all three books plus The Very Dead of Winter.  Ali has declared June - Read Mary Hocking Month - so I am going to read Good Daughters, the first of the trilogy, in June. How about you, want to try Mary Hocking's writing? She writes great characters and isn't that hard to find online. Ali has a nice list of her works in the post so stop over and read it! I'd love to get a copy of her last novel The Meeting Place too!

I'm reading an interesting mystery set the high powered world of pharmaceuticals and cancer research. An interesting new detective team too. I'll be reviewing it and hosting a book giveaway by the author in June so watch out for that! 

The flu seems to have run its course here and everyone is pretty much back to normal already. Even my old mom was up and laughing and joking this afternoon with her new caregiver, Cora. Thankfully it was a quick moving strain!

I was thinking about doing Throwback Thursday once a month. The third Thursday will do. So I'll be posting one on May 15th. So if you have something old to share post it then and link up!

Make a great day!
Peggy Ann


  1. Thanks Peggy Ann.
    I am so glad you're joining me. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks for bringing it to our attention that Ms. Hocking passed and highlighting her books!

  2. I signed up for 9 to 12 books and have read 6 so far. Quite pleased with that. When I have a moment I might do an update post like yours as I'm absolutely loving this challenge.

    1. Good going Cath! So glad your enjoying the challenge!

  3. Lol, powered by Glasgow's Cat Sleuth Leger....I'm up to 28(Double Ben! Or, Ben again). Most have been fairly and easy(many have read more total pages than me). My co-favorites are Alexander McCall Smith's "The Forever Girl" and Val McDermid's Northanger Abbey. As a card carrying Janeite, looking forward Alexander McCall Smith's Emma in the fall. Working on Janice Galloway's Clara(not easy reading) and Nick Thorpe's Adrift in Caledonia:Boat-hitching for the Unenlightened(my girlfriend bought this book in Scotland her year studying there but never read it). Thanks Peggy for hosting this!!!

    1. Favorite Characters: Clover from The Forever Girl and Cat Morland from Northanger Abbey. I think Cat is abit bolder than Jane Austen's Catherine Morland. The JA bookclub that I'm Adm for is rereading the JA's NA in Oct. I might reread them together. Double Cat/Catherine.....I love love love love Felicity Jones as Catherine in the 2007 NA. Lol, I have to read something with my first name in the title. :)

    2. Kirk, I'm so glad you are enjoying this challenge too! I checked out the book Clara and I think it sounds fascinating and I am definitely going to read it. I just can't seem to put Val McDermid and Northhanger Abbey together in my brain!

  4. I am so glad you mentioned my two favorite Scottish authors...George MacDonald and D. E. Stevenson . I have read many books by both writers and enjoyed them immensely. I have a fascination with Scotland and was thrilled to be able to visit that country in 2012. What a delightful place!


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