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Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Funeral and the Flu

The Post has been quiet this last week. Rough week. Not only did we have the funeral of our niece, but someone with the flu bug must have attended. The funeral and luncheon were on Thursday, by Friday night most all of the family were sick. We thought it was food poisoning at first since so many of us were sick. Even my poor old mom, that didn't go, got sick, but I had taken her a plate of food. So while we were comparing who ate what, I called mom's hospice nurse to check on her as I was way too sick to go over to be with her. The nurse said it was the flu, with food poisoning your sick within in 2-6 hours and we didn't start getting sick until almost 30 hrs. later. Of course those that had the sense to get a flu shot didn't get sick!

This flu came on violent, but also was pretty well done within 12 hours. But not mom, she's 87 in a couple weeks and very frail so its really taking a toll on her. Of course this happened in-between caregiver company transfer so we had no one coming in to mom's. Saturday she was on her own all day except for the short visit from the nurse and she didn't fair very well.  Today I spent the day laying on her couch, after I cleaned the bathroom and got her a shower :) Hopefully I'll be full strength by tomorrow. No time to get sick! New caregivers start Monday, thank goodness!

But to end on much nicer note I'll leave you this sweet video to watch so you leave with the warm fuzzies!


  1. What an awful time your family is having! My heart goes out to you. Just when you need your strength to deal with your grief and to care for your mother, you're hit by this sickness. I hope you're all feeling better very soon.

  2. Peggy, how awful for you. My mother is about the same age and my sister is her caregiver. I have just been visiting with them (and helping out a little). So I have some small idea of the challenges you have faced. So good of you to be there for your mother.

  3. Hang in there. We're thinking of you!


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