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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Midweek Muddle

Hello! Found a few interesting things to share with you. Not much, but a few.

For all you lovers of things that grow you might be interested in this month free ebook from the University of Chicago...

An Orchard Invisible: A Natural History of Seeds

From the tiny sesame that we sprinkle on our bagels to the forty-five-pound double coconut borne by the coco de mer tree, seeds are a perpetual reminder of the complexity and diversity of life on earth. In An Orchard Invisible, Jonathan Silvertown presents the oft-ignored seed with the natural history it deserves, one nearly as varied and surprising as the earth’s flora itself.  
“Entertaining and charmingly illustrated.… For all its erudition, however, this is not an encyclopedia of botanical lore, nor a definitive text, but rather a little gem of science writing that deserves a spot on any natural history lover’s bedside bookstand.… It is simply a delight to read.”—Natural History
Have you ever seen those Poetry Magnets? A box of little magnet words you can make sentences out of on your fridge? We have a set and the kids like to play with them, not to mention me:) Here's instructions to make your own!

Do you like International Diplomacy in your mysteries? You might like this site then.

Promoting Crime Fiction, an interesting blog with a nice write up on Ngaio Marsh too.

I made Lemon Curd with Meyer lemons! Delish! I ate the whole pint myself. Surprisingly easy to make too! Lime curd is up next!

Am dying to read this book, if it ever comes to the US!

Made these cookies. If you like cranberries you'll love these!

Great interview with Catriona MacPherson. Her new book is a stand alone and I can't wait to read it!

We bought a 27ft. travel trailer last night! Getting ready for retirement! Stay tuned for pictures!

As the bossman says, it's hump day! Weekend is almost here!  (oh my gosh, I'm a day ahead! It's not Wednesday yet! Oh well, pretend!)
One of my all time favorite commercials!

Peggy Ann


  1. I love the Geico camel "hump day" commercial:)

  2. I love camels. Loved this commercial. :) Also love lemon curd but have never actually attempted to make it. Should I? I might. Checking out the recipe. Can't wait to see the trailer!

  3. Liked the interview with Catriona McPherson. It is now officially Hump Day and I am glad.

    1. I tried all day yesterday to make it Wednesday, Tracy. Didn't work.

  4. You have been really busy...a travel trailer? I can't wait to see this!!!

    1. Yep! We're selling the pop-up camper. Want it Patty?

    2. I love to make lemon curd. I even like a tablespoon of it in yogurt...yummmmmmm. I made lime curd not long ago and while it was good, I prefer lemon.

    3. Oh Candyce I love it in my yogurt! And on English muffins and by the spoon full!


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