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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mail Call!

Four books in the mail! The first 3 of them are for the Read Scotland challenge!


Thanks Evee for recommending this one!


Thanks Alan for recommending these next two!

I can't remember who for the life of me I saw Andrew Taylor on and decided I had to have one. But thank you!

It was Margaret @BooksPlease!  A different book than this one, but all of his sound so good.

Click on the books if you want to see what they are about!


  1. Oh, my, Peggy, I might have to break out of my habit of only reading mid-century fiction. Old Dogs looks irresistible!

    1. It does sound good, Scott! I do like funny in with my mystery sometimes and Alan said I would love this! I don't get to my mid-century fiction much but I do have quite a bit. I go in spells it seems. O Douglas, D.E. Stevenson, and Molly Clavering are up soon. I'm on a Scottish kick this year. If you know of anymore Scottish author's from that period let me know!

  2. They look interesting Peggy! I've read a few of Andrew Taylor's books, so you may have seen my posts. But I haven't this one. I hope you enjoy them all.

    1. I went and looked back on your blog and it was you Margaret! The Office of the Dead! Thank you!


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