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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crime in the Community by Cecilia Peartree

A quick light read, only 177 pages, but a great little book! I loved the quirkiness of the characters and the wonderful humor throughout the book. A good solid storyline told to perfection.

The Pitkirtly Local Improvement Forum, PLIF for short, meet regularly in the Queen of Scots Pub. Their meetings really only consist of drinking and gabbing. They've never really 'done' anything to improve Pitkirtly. Christopher Wilson is the leader of this motley little crew. Mrs. Stevenson never takes her knit hat off, wonder if she sleeps with it on? Old Jock McLean, a retired teacher, is always puffing on an empty pipe. Big Dave is, well, big. No one messes with him. Little Dave is a young lawyer.

Christopher is a retired Archivist and a very orderly, organized, quiet man who likes his life just like it is. But now he has his sister Caroline and her two children living at his house. Caroline has a drinking problem and an anger problem. She has come to Christopher's because her Iranian husband is in prison in Iran. Or is he? Nonetheless Christopher's quiet, orderly life is not so quiet or orderly anymore. One night at the PLIF meeting a strange woman named Amaryllis Peebles shows up and wants to join. There's something 'different' about her. Chris can't quite put his thumb on what, but she's hiding something. At the same time being wary of her and not quite sure if he likes her, he finds himself being strangely attracted to her.

He thought his life was complicated enough but since Amaryllis arrived things have gone from mildly out of order to over the top, is someone trying to kill me, out of order! There's a kidnapping, a man in a sleek black car is following Chris. Someone shoots at him in the dark, an envelope full of cash is shoved through the mail-slot on his door. Caroline has completely lost it. What's he going to do with the kids now? Who opened the bank account in PLIF's name and what happened to the grant money no one seemed to know they had received? Will Caroline jump off the hospital roof? Will Christopher end up down a mindshaft? Just who is Amaryllis and can she read minds? Will the old village community center get refurbished or torn down?

Fun read! And it's set in Fife, Scotland. Mentions of Kirkcaldy and the Forth Bridge. Things I'm familiar with now because of Katrina @Pining for the West! I think you'll enjoy this one Katrina! Looking forward to the others in the series! Get this one free here.

Peggy Ann


  1. Thanks for this Peggy, I've downloaded it. I enjoy reading about places that I know.

  2. This sounds really fun. Gotta love small-town characters.


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