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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Authors Worth Noting

It's been a slow reading week for me. But today that book is getting finished! In the meantime I came across these three authors this last week and thought you might be interested too, if you haven't already read them. All three will count for the Read Scotland challenge.

Julie from the Goodreads Read Scotland group brought my attention to . She was born in Glasgow. She has 4 continuing family sagas all set in Scotland. I love family sagas!
Christine Marion Fraser
The Rhanna series detailed the lives of the residents of a small fictitious Hebridean island of the same name. 
King's Croft series is set in 19th century Aberdeenshire.  
Noble series, set in Victorian-era Argyll.
Kinvara stories, four novels about lighthouse keepers on an Outer Hebridean island.
She also wrote a series of autobiographical novels.
Here's a list of her books.

Also from the Goodreads group, I discovered Robert Douglas. He was born in Glasgow too. He has three autobiographical novels and a fiction series, 18 Dalbeattie Street, which follows the lives of 12 families on the tight knit street in Maryhill, Glasgow. Check out his books here.

And third, but not least, Katherine Pathak.
I found her over at There's Been a Murder. There are 2 books in a series set on a fictional island, Garansay, with the third due out this year. I bought both in Kindle format! Katherine is from Inverness, Scotland. Check out her books on Amazon.

Hope you find a new 'best' author in this bunch!

Happy Reading
Peggy Ann


  1. I found Christine Marion Frasers autobiograhies were so good I could hardly put them down. To have our own bathroom and food every meal made me feel rich after reading this series, It reminds me of Helen Forrester's auto biographies and hard times that she overcame. She delt more with very selfish parents and poverty, while Christine delt with handicap. I felt both helped me to view my own life ina whole new way. Candyce

    1. Thanks for the insight, Candyce and for stopping by!

  2. Some nice ideas there, I shall look into some as they sound the kind of thing I was looking for.

    1. I'm really looking forward to finding Robert Douglas books, Cath!

  3. GoodReads has been invaluable to me for finding new authors. Their recommendation engine beats any other—especially Amazon.


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