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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Six More Weeks of Winter!

It's official, six more weeks of winter. Here in Pennsylvania the famous weather prognosticator, Groundhog - Punxasutawney Phil, saw his shadow on Gobbler's Knob and that means 6 more weeks of winter for us! Well, maybe that's good for those of us that like to cuddle up with a good book on a cold blistery day!

It is hilarious how many people go crazy over this fun, silly ceremony each year. They estimated 25,000 people showed up this morning for it! If your interested here are a few links to check it out!

Phil's very own website!

Video of the ceremony this morning (fast forward it to around 3 minutes to skip all the introductions)

8 things to know about Phil's inner circle

Which would you trust, Phil or Farmer's Almanac?

Several other states have their own prognosticator:
* Atlanta, Georgia: General Beau Lee
* Ontario, Canada: Wiarton Willie
* Raleigh, North Carolina: Sir Walter Wally
* Sun Prairie, Wisconsin: Jimmy
* Staten Island, New York: Chuck
* Birmingham, Alabama: Birmingham Bill

We happen to have our very own weather prognosticator in the family

Happy Birthday Lee! 

Lee, the oldest son, is our groundhog!  
If he wakes up and grunts and pulls his head back under the covers we know we're in for more winter!

February might just be the month to pull that large trilogy 'The Scots Quair' by Lewis Grassic Gibbon off the shelf and dig in! Counts for 3 books towards Read Scotland!


  1. I think we get six more weeks (at least) whether Phil sees his shadow or not! ;-)

    1. Mother Nature is going to do what she's going to do for sure, JoAnn!

  2. That Ground Hog Phil is so ridiculous yet everyone seems to wait in anticipation of the event easch year LOL

    1. It is, Diane! They don't even bother with the seeing his shadow stuff anymore!

  3. Hi Peggy,

    What a great tradition, although it would be good if he could predict when it is ever going to stop raining, here in the UK.

    Whilst my own little area of Somerset hasn't been too badly affected by flooding, we live right on the edge of the by now infamous 'Somerset Levels', which have been under many feet of water, for over 6 weeks, leaving entire villages cut off and only accessible by boat!

    Spring can't come soon enough .... but no April showers, please!!

    1. Yvonne, I think I would rather have snow than all that flooding! I feel for all those people.


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