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Monday, February 10, 2014

More Scottish Writers to Chose From!

Here is a great list of Women in Scottish Crime Fiction and the authors who write them.

Zach Abrams, Glasgow. They must have something in their drinking water there as so many wonderful writers come out of that city! He has a series, DCI Alex Warren.

For those of you that like paranormal crime fiction check out Emma L. Clapperton. The second novel in her Patrick McLaughlin series is due out Feb. 28th! She is a self published author and her books are only available on Kindle right now. Once again, from Glasgow! Check out her website!

Popular Scottish Historical Fiction

Fantastic Fiction Scottish Writers.  This is quite an extensive list!

Peggy Ann


  1. Wonderful, Peggy Ann, I'm going to check out those lists to help with my goal to only read women writers for the challenge. And funnily enough, as soon as I looked at your post, I remembered another writer, Pat McIntosh, who has a wonderful historic crime series set in Glasgow in the 15th century. It starts with The Harper's Quine, I think, and I thoroughly recommend it. I have several still to read and I'm adding one to my challenge list right away!


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