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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday's Muddle

Happy Monday! Back to the grindstone. How was your week last week? Do anything special this last weekend? Get any new books?

I got three in the mail! Whisky Galore by Sir Compton MacKenzie and Death at the Cut and Death Below Deck by Douglas Kiker. I so enjoyed the first of his three Mac MacFarland books that I got the other two!

I found a new Scottish author via Julie on the Goodreads-Read Scotland group too! Similiar to D.E. Stevenson. Actually a good friend of Ms. Stevenson. Molly Clavering. She's best known for Mrs. Lorimer's Quiet Summer - 1953 (published in the US as Mrs. Lorimer's Family). It's said she based this book on Ms. Stevenson herself. Not thought as good as Ms. Stevenson's writing but a nice comfort read. Not much is known about her and her books are difficult to find, especially in the US. I did find a copy of it through Amazon though and I had credits! So I ordered it and the only other book available by her, From the Border Hills also published in 1953. Border Hills is a non-fiction about her walks among the hills and valleys near Moffat, where she is from. I'm really looking forward to that one! A cousin of hers gave lots of info to a blogger and you can go HERE to find out about Molly as you probably won't be able to find anything on her anywhere else! If you love vintage british women authors you will love this site!

Henning Mankell author of the Wallander books has cancer. Read this article written by him on how it feels to be diagnosised with cancer.

I have found several versions of Zuppa Toscana on Pinterest. It's a copy cat recipe for a soup The Olive Garden is known for. I've tried 2 of them and this one is by far the best! We had it last week and leftovers again on Saturday. The bossman asked me to make a pot for him to take to work for the guys! If you like hot and spicy you will love this creamy hot soup with hot sausage and kale!

Love book sales? This is a great resource! Book Sale Finder Sorry, it only covers the North America:(

I've been reading The Scot's Quair by Lewis Grassic Gibbon. Set in the early 1900's. It was slow starting as it was a little difficult to read, it's written in the Doric. But I am really enjoying it now. It's a trilogy so it will count as 3 for the Read Scotland challenge and 3 for the Mount TBR challenge @ My Reader's Block. It's been on my shelf for several years now. I think I will switch up and read a short vintage mystery in-between each of the books in it. What is a quair you ask? It is a book! There is a really good glossary in the back of the book but this one word is used all the time and it's not in there. I couldn't decide what it meant as it could have been a couple different things in the contexts it was used so I looked it up...

syne  (sīn) Scots
1. Before now; ago.
2. Afterward; since then; since.
3. Thereupon; next.
I highly recommend this book!

If you love the state of Maine and Crime novels you will like this blog!

Started another jigsaw puzzle today. I will be glad when winter is over. It's been a very cold, snowy, icy one here. I like the snow but not when it's over top of ice and the temps are too cold to go out in it and enjoy it! My son in Maryland has gotten more snow then us. They just got 15 inches on top of all the other snow still on the ground. He said the piles of snow along his driveway from him shoveling it out are taller than him now and he is 6ft.! The kids built an igloo complete with a tunnel to crawl through to get inside. Wish I could be there to see it! There was a 100+ car pile up on our Pennsylvania Turnpike the other day, near Philadelphia. They've had it bad there too! Patty and Joan, I hope your staying warm!

I did laundry Saturday and I used my new homemade laundry detergent! I love it! The clothes seem brighter and smell wonderful. It's a lot cheaper too! Only use one tablespoon of it per load!

Well that's it for this week. Not much. I've been good about staying offline as much as possible. Make a great week!

Peggy Ann


  1. Hi Peggy, I think we've had enough snow and cold weather for this year. It's what we would expect in New England, but when we moved to Philadelphia, we left our snow shovels behind!

    1. My brother in law said the same thing when he moved to North Carolina about his snow blower! They have a very long driveway and it snowed a lot right after they got moved

  2. I always always always love your Monday Muddles...I learn so much...and I love that Maine crimewriters blog...do you think you will get there this year?

    1. Yes Patty! In August! We'll be there for the Rockland Lobster Festival!

  3. What a GREAT post. I like all the information. THANKS.

    ENJOY your books and your week. The three you received sound good.

    Love Zuppa Toscana too. Will check it out.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  4. Another snow overnight! Teen son is delighted as there is 2 hour delay! We live outside Philly.
    We used to live in Rochester New York. There you knew to invest in proper winter gear. Here, the winter could be a very mild one or one like this winter!.

    I love DES and Molly. My favorite DES books are the Mrs. Tim series. Maybe because my Dad was in the Air Force for all of my childhood and I could relate with it. Also I tend to like real life stories best.

    I wnated to ask, do you think the homemade detergent would work in the newer washers that require HE?
    I enjoy your blog very much!

    1. Thank you, Candyce! I have yet to read a D.E. Stevenson but have a very old copy of Young Mrs. Savage on my shelf that has been there for years and am going to get it read this year for the Scotland challenge! This homemade laundry soap should work great for HE washers as it does not have the sud bubbles. None at all!

  5. There is a really nice DES group that you might enjoy. They do group reads and their comments are so interesting.

    1. Thanks Candyce I'll keep it in mind after I read her and see if I like her writing. I'm sure I will though. Do you belong to the group?

    2. Yes, I do. I am more a lurker though. I love the diversity of the group as they are from all over the world. A lovely story though....I had left a comment of how much I loved Mrs. Tim because it reminded me of my own childhood. Then someone wrote back and asked if it reall was me--here it was one of my friend's mom. It was so neat to be reunited and we have stayed close ever since.

  6. Have you seen the movie of Whisky Galore? I remember liking it.
    I have been reading his pieces about his illness. I feel very sad about this, and hope he can get well again.


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