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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Muddle

Hello all! It's Monday and I'm late getting this up, sorry. To make up for it here's a wonderful interview with David Suchet, or to most of us Hercule Poirot! A wonderful talk about playing this timeless character!

I know some of you like reading World War II fiction. You might like this very interesting time elapsed video of the war in Europe. Day by day, watch Germany (the Axis) take over and then the Allied powers fight back. You won't want to miss this beautifully done video. We must not forget World War II

Check out these gorgeous pictures of lighthouses in Michigan! The winter ones are awesome!

Anita Blackmon's Adelaide Adams Mysteries are back! First printed in the 1930's. For the 'nosy spinster' vintage mystery lover! Read about where to get them HERE.

Can you pick the 34 correct authors for these one word book titles?

It's now legal to kill children in Belgium!

Weighing vs measuring by cups could make the difference when making bread! Here is a master list of common ingredient weights you'll want to have handy!

30 Naughtiest dogs! Very funny!

Cabbage Soup recipe. Easy, nourishing and light!

14 places to visit in 2014. Portland Maine made the list!

True facts about Armadillos. I grew up in Florida and remember these weird animals. I hit one with the car once and cried like a baby. I had never 'killed' anything before. Warning though, this is quite funny!

Inexpensive way to add storage in your basement floor joists, simply screw the wire shelving to the bottom of the joists. If I had a basement I would be doing this!

And last but certainly not least...
How to easily peel a hard boiled egg by blowing! I do put baking soda in my water but I only cook them 10 minutes not 12 and then run cold water in the pan to stop them cooking.

Make a great week! And let me know how blowing those eggs works for you:)
Peggy Ann


  1. I saw that cabbage soup yesterday and it looks amazing!

  2. I'd be doing that in my basement also if I had one. But we are on a crawl space! I'm kinda glad I don't have a basement tho during those times I am here alone overnight - LOL!

    Linda in VA

  3. Oh - I'm originally from Ohio. My entire family still lives back there. I moved here to Virginia in 1974 when I married my husband. I'm still homesick after all this time!

    Linda in VA

    1. Linda where in Ohio? I was born in Youngstown and lived in Columbiana for several years. I live in PA. now just over the border from Columbiana. P.S. I love your stitching!

  4. Cabbage soup and euthanasia. Where else could we find such disparate subjects listed but on your blog, Peggy Ann. An intriguing (to say the least) Monday Muddle. But then, they usually are. :)

  5. Nice roundup of ideas. I loved the quiz on authors of books with 1-word titles. I got 22!

    I really want to try that storage idea in my basement. One more thing to put on the Hubs' list.



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