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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goodbye Facebook!

I've just deleted my Facebook account! My finger hoovered over the Delete Account button tenuously, but I bit the bullet and pressed. I felt instant freedom!

A couple years a go I started a page for our local Friends of the Library group which I was president of. Somehow I merged it to my personal page. I am no longer part of the group and the librarian wants to take over the page. Because I merged it (I didn't even know I did that!) the only way to let them have a page is to delete my personal account and the library page with it. I thought this is my chance!

I have to take control over my time again. Facebook is definitely one of the huge time wasters in my daily life. Do you have any idea how many hours over the last couple of years I've wasted playing Bejeweled Blitz or Farmtown? You know how it is, other players count on you, you have to do it for them:) I jump on to see what's new with this one and that one and 2 hours later I've learned the mating dance of the painted spider, seen an ant hill totally uncovered and marveled at the sheer magnitude of the structure, discovered goats who climb the trees to get to the leaves. You get the picture. But now I'll never how J  in Wales survives her recent divorce from her cheating husband. All those hours spent chatting with her and encouraging her. And what about my friend in England and her new grandson? I won't be able to keep up with how he grows! Really it gets to the point where your more wrapped up in people's lives you will never ever 'see' in person at the detriment to the 'real' people you have right here.  Not that I don't care about all these people and will miss 'following' their lives but at some point I have to choose and get control back and re-focus! I'm not sure if I'll ever start up a new page in Facebook. It might force me to pick up the phone and actually talk to that cousin in Virginia that I never see instead of just follow his life online! Maybe I'll even take a drive down and see him after years and years apart!

I've never been a very good 'tweeter' so that's not a problem for me. And I love blogging so that is a definite keep! I do need to cut back on how much time I spent on it though. I haven't posted much this last week or two and the world didn't end:)  I want to focus more on reading, reading, reading! And sewing too.  And my poor neglected husband! Between taking care of mom and dad and my brother (who is handicap) and my computer time he's the one who suffers most.

So this is the year to re-organize! Maybe I'll be on time to places more, be more physically active and have less headaches and shoulder aches. We'll see how much withdrawal I go through leaving Facebook! But I am determined!

I'm turning off now and go bake a cherry pie on this very cold, windy, snowy day here in western Pennsylvania and finish Alan Jones' first book 'The Cabinetmaker'.

Stay warm,
Peggy Ann


  1. Congrats. I've taken a much-less drastic measure now that I freelance and need to stay on task. I just don't log in. Same with email and any other big time-suckers. I only look at them at certain times of the day.

  2. I hope you find you have lots more time now that you have deleted your fb account. It can be a time suck that is for sure! Easy to get lost in the posts and spend time doing things that take you away from what you need to be doing. :) I can relate! Sounds like you are starting off 2014 a little lighter. Enjoy!

    1. Jess, thanks so much for stopping by! I would not have found your Fairday Morrow blog otherwise! I'm excited to get your book for my grandkids!


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