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Thursday, January 2, 2014

FREE ebook of the month from UCP!

'For more than fifty years, readers have enjoyed Robert van Gulik’s acclaimed detective mysteries featuring Judge Dee—magistrate, inquisitor, and public avenger—based on a famous statesman of the Tang Dynasty. Two Judge Dee mystery short stories form our free e-book for January, Murder in Ancient China.
Murder in Ancient China is in our series of Chicago Shorts, and it is available on our website DRM-free in your choice of an EPUB file (for most e-reading devices, phones, and computers), as well as in a PRC file (for the Kindle). Or, you can get Murder in Ancient China free thoughout January at leading e-book retailers, including in the Amazon Kindle store, at Apple iBooks, and at GooglePlay.
Whichever you choose, please introduce yourself to the deductive powers of Judge Dee and enjoy Murder in Ancient China free in January.'
from my email notice
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Peggy Ann 

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