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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Not much going on this last week. I didn't get much reading done. Only 5 chapters in the book I'm reading now. Shame on me! I spend a lot of time in the car back and forth to my mom's though and am getting thru the third book in the Flavia de Luce series pretty well. We should have caregivers in the house for several hours each day with mom, starting next week and that will definitely free up some of my time! Not that she can't take care of herself still, but she is very weak and confused a lot. She hates being alone more than anything and just won't eat if she's by herself. She wants me with her all the time. Let's just say she's ornery and it's starting to cause problems. It should help just having another person in the house with her.

Been working on a jigsaw puzzle, my 7th this winter so far. Hmm, maybe that's why my reading is down. One of the little girls my granddaughter plays with when she is here has adopted me and been coming over frequently. She has an iPad now and is always facetiming me, (if that's even a word). Seems to be our habit now for her to call me on Facetime at bedtime to say good night. She lives with her dad and rarely has contact with her mom. She's a sweetie though and I enjoy her company and she and my granddaughter Skype while she is here.

I finally made a trip to the fabric store, haven't been in a long time. I have several projects I'd like to do that I found on Pinterest. Wow, fabric is expensive! I spent $71 and only got 4 different fabrics, interfacing, thread, rickrack and pins! Here's the fabric I got...

With the dress and sewing machine print I am going to make a sewing machine cover something like this. I got muslin to go with it and large red rickrack and binding.

The rooster print is going to be a mixer cover like this. I have some black fabric here to use with it. Got black binding to go on it.

The other two prints I found on the clearance table and I liked them. Don't know what I'll make yet but got 2 1/2 yards of each. Thinking summer dresses maybe. I know the print is odd for a grownup but I like to think outside the box:) Maybe this pattern. Has a shirt too. Simple and loose! I have to figure out what size I am now. It's been a long time since I made clothes for myself!

Came across this book this last week. I have to have it! A great read for the Read Scotland challenge!

Watched Sheepdog trials in Scotland this morning on BBC Alba via Tunnelbear! I could watch those dogs work all day. Amazing.

The cold is coming back and a little snow tonight. We have about an inch on the ground now. Expecting another inch tonight. Football tomorrow! Championship games. Stuffed Peppers for dinner tomorrow night. I've never understood football so never liked to watch it. My 89 year old neighbor lady explained it to me and it clicked! Now I love it. My boys can't get over it when they see me watching football!

Hope your all having a good weekend!

Peggy Ann


  1. I love those fabrics. I thought it was wrapping paper at first!

    1. Well, they are going to 'wrap' me up and the mixer up so....

  2. I like all your fabrics - with my favorites being the sewing/dress one and the roosters!! Looking forward to seeing your finishes...

    Linda in VA

    1. Thanks, Linda. I love the sewing/dress one the best I think. It's so different.

  3. I hope it all works out with your mum, Peggy. 'Sending good vibes' as they say.

    I haven't done any jigsaws this winter! And I have loads to do so must get one started.

  4. You may not be reading much but you sure sound busy.

  5. Love this post...you cover everything! It's amazing that you have time to sit down! The sewing projects sound like fun!

  6. It's nice to catch up with you. You know I sympathize with you about your mother, mine having had dementia for years before she died. We share a late interest in football. I've only ever been to one pro game, but since we moved to Philly, I'm so homesick that I watch all the games of the New England teams. Except for basketball, which still looks to me like men running around in their underwear! And I hate the squeaking of shoes on the basketball court! Have fun with all your sewing.

  7. Peggy, I too sympathize with the situation with your mother. My mother is going through the same thing, and she is all the way in Alabama, and my sister is handling most of her care. I feel guilty being so far away and not helping much. Your mother is lucky to have you.

    I admire you doing some sewing and such creative ideas. I just got back into crocheting, after a creative slump.

  8. I would have chosen all of that fabric too but I especially like the one with the wee houses, I have houses on the brain at the moment of course. I look forward to seeing what you make with it all.


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