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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Month of Letters

I saw this challenge over @ Geranium Cat's blog. Since I just shut down my Facebook page I thought this might just be the thing to do right now! Sounds easy enough.

A Month of Letters started by Mary Robinette Kowal

Just send a correspondence through the mail, everyday it runs, through the month of February. Could be a post card, a card, a letter, a picture. Answering letters you receive count too! When you sign up you do a little bio and post your address. You can send items to those gals, or to anyone you know.

I remember the days of letter writing! Now nothing but junk mail and bills come in it. When I was a kid my cousin and I use to send letters to each other all the time. We made up a whole make believe life and wrote as if we were those grown ups, with grown up lives. Silly little girls playing make believe, but it was great fun!

If you want to get a letter from me, email me your address! I just hope I can think of something interesting to say!

Peggy Ann


  1. Hi Peggy, this is wonderful. I try regularly to send out postcards. I'd love to send you one . I'll send you a private email.

  2. I'm participating too. I'll send you an email with my details if you want to send me a letter it would be lovely.

  3. Really happy you're signed up, Peggy Ann!


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