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Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Muddle

It's Monday again already! I seemed to skipped right over Sunday and forgot to put up a Song for Sunday. Did anyone miss it?:)

Found a few interesting things this past week. Hope there's something you find delightful!

I want this for my gravestone!

It's been going around online that a librocubicularist is a person that reads in bed. But technically that is not true. The word can't be found in dictionaries. I searched the Merriam Webster, the Oxford, the Free Dictionary and the Cambridge Free. Same thing - No result. I found this about the word...
Today's Word:
Librocubicularist (noun)

Pronunciation: [li-bro-kew-'bik-yu-lĂȘ-rist]
Definition: One who does something with books in the bedroom—not someone who necessarily reads in bed.
Usage: Today we are sending out a warning of a lexical virus spreading across the Internet. Someone with a smattering of Latin and English has concocted this word and is palming it off as a legitimate compound meaning "someone who reads in bed." English, of course, is full of words that began illegitimate and ended up respectable members of our vocabulary. This one may, too, but so far it hasn't: be wary.
Suggested Usage: If you were to use today's word, be sure to read the etymology first. It does not mean someone who reads in bed but someone who does something with a book in a bedroom. If we allow this word into our language, let us at least demand that it means the sum of the meanings of its parts. We recommend you avoid using this cheap substitute in word's clothing.
Etymology: Today's ostensible word is a fanciful combination from Latin liber "book" and cubiculum "bed chamber," so the actual meaning would be "book-bedroomist," not "someone who reads in bed" as is commonly claimed by those out of the know. This word could be used as appropriately to refer to some who publishes books from his bedroom or eats them there. English does not normally allow more than two Latin or Greek stems in a borrowed or created compound (medical terminology excepted). So there are several reasons why this word is not found in any dictionaries.

BUT Pam_I_Am did not include a link to the page for this info. This is where I read it scroll down to Pam I Am. Makes sense to me. But it is a fun word and it is in the Urban Dictionary so there you go!

Dorothy Sayers lovers will like this one:
The Mind of a Maker, The Thought of Dorothy L. Sayers Through Her Lettters

Did you know John Dickson Carr's granddaughter is an author too?
Shelly Dickson Carr, author of Ripped. It's a young adult novel with time travel and mystery and Jack the Ripper!

Love this, produced by Roundhouse

Rare children's books 

Amazing classic books that are short. So there's no excuse not to read them!

A book that caught my eye last week and I get to review it! The first in a new mystery series.

a new soup recipe I am trying this week. Meatball and Spaghetti Soup!

Watch this inspiring video of Duncan Lou Who, a sweet little boxer pup born deformed. He will inspire you!

Now go off and make a great week!
Peggy Ann


  1. I know far too much about Jack the Ripper to read any of the novels. I spend so much time nitpicking about factual errors, that I can't enjoy the book.

  2. The soup looks great...I will try it soon. The book looks good, too! Just put it in my cart!

    1. Which book, Patty? Ripped or the new mystery series? Happy reading!


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